Saturday, January 14, 2012

Introducing My Lovely Sam

As promised, here is a photo of Bay Sam, aka My Lovely Sam. He and I are working together at the moment, and he seems to be enjoying all of the special attention I give him. I guess he isn't the prettiest horse in the world, as he has a nasty scar on his face, possibly from a kick. It is curved like a hoof, giving him a rather piratical look.  But he is very sweet, and has a contented air about him. He isn't a beginner's horse, as he is quite a spooker, but we only had one funny moment today, and I think that was because I put too much leg on to encourage him to extend his trot across the arena. We zipped forward, but he has good brakes. Bay Sam is naturally a lazy boy, but goes when required. We managed to produce some lovely transitions today, and I did two 20m circles in a row at canter, enjoying every stride. Sam sneaks back to trot if I don't keep at him, so now I've got better balance at canter I can concentrate on steering and keeping him moving forward. So much fun! As you can see, I wore a very cool top today, under my big safety vest, so I felt better riding in the hot conditions. I know my vest is a bit cumbersome, but I feel much more confident wearing it. I feel like it is the safety belt I was missing before. 
This is the only photo in which we both look sane. I've got my really fun flowery glasses on, but somehow they make me look like a mad chipmunk. Sam didn't really want to pose with his head nicely positioned. In one photo he has his mouth wide open. After our wee photoshoot, Sam and I headed out to the cross country course and I felt really confident going up and down the little banks. Great fun! 

After our wonderful ride Sam was totally happy when I gave him a big shower and cooled his legs with the hose. Better than the last shower I gave him when he spooked and took off like a rampant stallion. Then I hung out with him up under the trees while he had a big grassy snack and I watched the action in the arena. I am in love (again). 

Today we also went to the Riccarton House Farmer's Market and bought everything from a lovely lettuce, to spicy sausage, fudge, blueberries, chocolate, walnuts and various baked items. It really is a wonderful market with beautiful produce. I must remember to take the little camera everywhere I go. 

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