Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today we went for a drive out to visit my horsey friends at the Butcher farm. It was so lovely to see dear Johnny (horse) feeling a bit better and looking a little fed up with box rest. Frazer, the 1 year old colt was keeping him company, and he is still fuzzy and baby-like, but getting solider and taller. I think he has the Z in Frazer because his mum is Zanny. I'm hoping to be able to ride Zanny when she comes back from visiting her handsome beau over on the West Coast. I had big cuddles with Lucy, another of Zanny's babies, now in training, but built like a cob due to her voracious appetite (I can relate to that). She is super cuddly and has a lovely warm air about her. I'm always careful to gauge mood and level of dominance or stress a horse is feeling when having pats, and never completely trust that something won't upset them. After all, horses are hugely strong and heavy and could do serious damage. Today my friend Ben was desperate for scratches due to his heavily molting coat. Here he is competing in dressage at Hororata a few months ago.

I think he is doing a rein-back. He can do a wonderful dressage test because he was a 4**** eventer (Badminton) before he retired due to illness. He is such a personality and loves lots of attention, so Viv suggested that I come out as much as I like to fuss over him and groom him. I guess you know my feelings about that idea! Today he has a very sore stone bruise on one of his front hooves. The hoof is all enclosed and if something causes a bit of bacteria to get in, then it heals over, infection builds up causing and abscess and intense pain. Emily got a hoof knife and I scratched Ben while she tried to open it up a bit. It looked like it had already burst so not much came out. She will put a poultice on. I'll go and spend some time helping Em with grooming etc and give Johnny some attention, and Ben lots of grooming and cuddles. Fantastic.

I'm having try number two to get back on Sam for a whirl around the arena tomorrow. We are going up the hill to watch rugby (or whatever) tonight. Mrs CT wants more Curly Wurly bars - I must try one as she knows a good chocolate bar when she sees one. And sad thoughts about dear Andi cat who was dearly loved by Mr and Mrs CT and family. No one hissed like her, yet was so tolerant and gentle. Goodbye Miss White Whisker. XXX


Anonymous said...

Horsey heaven being able to go out and groom them when you like! Good luck with the ride tomorrow. It is pouring down here we even had hail before which wouldn't do the newly planted lettuces a lot of good! Had a visit from M and Master H 2day, which was very welcome. Master H had a lovely time and walked a looong way for a little fellow but was adament that he didn't want a carry. Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you got the chance to have a ride today. Megxx