Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in the saddle

Today I'm awarding myself a whole lot of rosettes!

Today was just perfect for riding, and Sam was in a lovely chilled out mood. He had just heard the news that he is now going to be kept as a dressage horse and for beginners, rather than as a jumping horse. Celine has realised that the behaviour he has been showing has been a reaction to being forced to do things he is not comfortable with, and he gets really stiff and sore after jumping. He won't have the racy riders on him, and I'm so relieved. He felt like my boy again. It took a bit of time for me to build up my trust in him, and when his head came up, I was initially anxious. But he really looked after me, and we did some work on sitting trot, leg yields (I realised that I haven't been using my inside leg to hold him in line) and I did my first extended trot. Yay! We had lots of cuddles and kisses. I'm so happy!!!!

The strange thing about my fall injury is that the only time when moving that I don't have any pain in my pelvis is when I'm riding. I thought it would be terrible with the rising trot, sitting correctly, and sitting trot, but I was super comfortable. Johnny thought it was probably because I was focusing so hard on riding, but I think that position didn't put pressure on the damaged bits. I haven't been to the doctor, as I think I just need time to heal up. While I was getting ready poor Erika had a horrible fall off one of the young horses, who, in protest at going slowly, reared super high and she went whump down on her back like I did. We didn't see the rear, but looked over as the horse headed back to the yards, and she was flat on her back over in the dressage arena. She is such a sweetie. She looked as stiff as me after she got up.

Johnny is looking forward to the rugby, with some trepidation. For those not at all interested in New Zealand's national sport, our All Blacks are coming up against the Australian Wallabies (one of our most hated opponents) in the semifinals of the Rugby World Cup. I have to say it- GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay good on you and go the all blacks! Lovely day here today. Rhodos coming out and wisteria about to burst forth. I got some seeds planted including the yellow wax capsicums, pumpkins etc. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay, glad you had a good ride again!
WE had a pretty quiet day, nothing exciting happened. I am not sure if I want to watch the rugby or not!!
Love you,

Hannah said...

Love your header! hehe.
GO the allblacks! So happy we won!