Friday, October 14, 2011


Last night I played with my camera, trying out taking black and white photos. The light was very low and Miss Dog was impossible to focus on. Mr Ginger Jasper was gorgeous as usual. I love him with a passion.
He is curled up on our bed at the moment. He has to ask to be lifted up. He has a dear little expressive voice and loves to have conversations with me.

He is perfection.

I didn't ride today, but I was all geared up to (literally). I went over to Celine's and Sam and I got ready. Then the hay truck arrived. With big loader following. Then a man came over from next door and said he was about to start chopping a tree down near the boundary and didn't want to alarm the horses. He got his chainsaw out. Sam and I were all ready, and while Celine moved the horses away from chainsaw man, I walked him around the arena for about 5 minutes on foot. When Celine came over we both looked at each other and said "not a good idea" because Sam was fizzing again and the noise was horrible from everywhere. So we undressed Sam and put him in his paddock. I said to myself that at least I got to spend ages grooming him. I am feeling pretty frustrated. Celine is hoping everything will be perfect for my lesson on Sunday. Johnny says I have to be patient. I'm a bit scared that Sam is developing some bad habits because being a riding school horse doesn't suit him. Then I won't be able to ride him anymore.

I heard that darling Johnny (horse), who hurt his stifle at the event last weekend has actually chipped the bone in his stifle. Apparently it is like a knee on a human. He has to be on box rest for a while. It is not good news, but he can recover fully, all going well. Poor man. I am dying to visit him. Plus I want to see some of my other horsey friends that live with him.

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