Saturday, October 1, 2011

Much better

Well, Mr Horse and I had a date today, and it was so much better than my ride last weekend. Sam had a couple of good rides during the week, and was all mellow and happy today. I was in a much better state too- headache free and painkiller free. Miss Dog and I had a lovely walk to start the day. She was thrilled because she found a mud hole, but thankfully she refrained from doing her crocodile dog act. I got busy and did some tidying and washing. Then I planted the seeds Mum got last weekend- some pumpkins and tomatoes. I studied the activity in the trays planted last weekend and the brassicas were just appearing. Fantastic! I am loving the greenhouse. It has revolutionized plant growing in the Poppy Black Vegetable Empire.

After zipping around home merrily, I was relaxed and ready for my horsey appointment. I place a great deal of importance on being relaxed before a lesson because if I am stiff I don't have a good ride. My hips are too rigid with tension to sit back correctly, and I battle with myself for the whole lesson.

When I arrived at Scarlett Oak there were children everywhere. Well, actually only three, but apart from family and close friends, I don't want to cast my eyes over a single child all weekend. Celine was super excited because she has made the decision that her crazy mare has to go and she is leasing a beautiful warmblood gelding who will be a much steadier addition to the stable. She rushed me into the office to see her new internet and phone, plus to show me the video of the new horse. She was practically squeaking with joy. I had most of my mind on that, and a bit on the children. Ooooh yuck- keep away from me, thank-you very much. They were having lead rein lessons one at a time with Celine's assistant.

Mr Sam was looking so pleased to see me. His coat is silky, grey, white and brown all mixed up. He will be dappled grey in summer. I got started with the grooming and a voice piped up. Small boy wanting to help me. No thanks, I said firmly. Sam and I do not entertain 9 year olds. I got Sam ready in record time as I was determined not to make Celine late. She had a full board of lessons (yay). Everything was easier today. Getting on, trotting and trotting and trotting without stopping. Even cantering. I did have a few problems with the space I was working in as I had to negotiate jumps (around, not over). I even managed to give Celine a fright when I took a line she wasn't expecting and she thought we were about to go over one of the jumps. No way, we're not that stupid! There was a flashback to my previous instructor when I did a particularly shambolic maneuver and Celine said "That was shit" which made me laugh and even more determined. It was great fun.

I gave Sam a lovely shower, but I knew he didn't really enjoy it because his bottom lip was flobbling and quivering. He does that when he is anxious. Cold water. The larger of the two boys was apparently "working as a stable boy" for Celine. He was doing a few little jobs. The smaller one was sitting on the quadbike trying to get my attention by saying he wanted to turn it on. I told him in no uncertain terms that that was not going to happen. Then he was busy plundering Celine's biscuit jar. I hope never to see him again. He clearly isn't brother of the other children as he is quite a different skin colour and demeanor.

I felt like having a good cry and clinging onto Sam when I left. He looked unconcerned at my departure as I had filled up his hay bag. I love him dearly.

Well, this has been a bit of a prattle about my day, and even if it isn't interesting to anyone else, I've discovered that reading back over my blog entries is fun. We've been in our new house for three years now, which is amazing, and the changes in the garden have been documented right here. Readers or not, blogs are a lovely record of the writer's life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Its sounds like you had a great day yesterday and the riding sounds like it is going brilliantly.
I wouldn't want anyone elses vile children getting in my space either!! Yuck!
We went to the rugby yesterday which was fun. Wet and horrid here today.
Will Skype you later...we tried this morning but you must have been out doing something exciting!!
Love to you and John xx

ps. Henry LOVES his Pom pom poi!!