Sunday, October 2, 2011

The hottest day this spring

Short sleeves and sunblock out today. We exceeded 20 degrees C. and I did a bit of weed control after going out for brunch with Mrs CT and family. We went to Sevantis, which I can recommend for good quality food and a typical cafe environment. The courtyard outside was lovely as you could hear people along the table. Apparently it can be noisy inside. I dislike noisy restaurants. I had eggs benedict with salmon, on corn fritters. Very tasty.

My front garden is getting plenty of positive comments currently. I've got the roses trained on wires, and they are looking great.
The blossoms have actually just finished along our street, but they were gorgeous clouds of white while they lasted.
The daffodils have been flowering for a long time, and more are coming all the time. The first poets are out, and these seedlings that Mum bred have just appeared. Yesterday I looked at the label and was filled with doubt about the 2WR (Division 2 white petals, red cup) classification as they were so pale and yellow. As you can see, they are darkening up.
It is tulip season. Lovely. They are quite uniform and reliable in form compared to daffodils.
I like these pink ones with the yellow background.
Double primulas. So pretty. A bargain bin find.
Flowering currant- exquisite flowers in a divine pink shade. I think this cost about $3. I love a bargain.
What do we have here? A very relaxed pussycat with no bad language. Miss Dog has made constant friendly overtures to Mr Jasper, and he has now decided that she is harmless as long as she doesn't try to sniff him.
They hang out together in the garden.
The greenhouse - my pride and joy!
Look who's here! Mr Ginger Jasper following up on a catnip sighting in the greenhouse. He found some evidence, which required thorough investigation- a dry leaf.
Ahh yes. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you garden looks fabulous.
We had awful weather here today...very heavy rain..but it is much needed.
We are thinking about a Labour Weekend road trip to see you...would that suit?

Love to you both, Megxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, the garden looks beautiful, I love the tulips. Looks like you have a good variety of colours. We have had heavy rain for two and a half days. We did need it and you can just about see the grass grow. The daffs are taking a battering. Syill its a lovely time of the year. Nice to see dear Jasper taking it easy with Poppy. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxx

Gigibird said...

I love the last photo of Jasper...he's such a beautiful old boy.