Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forelocks and Flowers

I'm feeling rather grim today. I've had a headache all weekend, and am feeling all sluggish from the painkillers. You know you're in for trouble when you dream about the pain in your head. I'm trying to carry on merrily, with some minor changes to my usual routine, like wearing sunglasses when sewing.

Yesterday I had a date with my big boy, Sam. I got a bit spooked last time I rode as he was a naughty boy. I hate the way I feel less confident than I did a month ago. I was all stiff and when I was trying to do sitting trot I was bouncing like a jackhammer.
Sam did enjoy a brush as he still has plenty of winter woolies on.
He was hanging out with his mates, who were all having turns being schooled. After our ride I gave him a quick wash on his legs and tummy where the sweaty girth line was, then put his "dressing gown" on so that he could relax with a snack. As you can see, he looks pretty happy.
Then we had kisses!
In the afternoon we attended the South Island National Daffodil Show (combined with a spring show). Look who was there, giving out free seeds to Christchurch residents. Well, I know who it it- Jo McCarroll, the editor of the New Zealand Gardener magazine. She was lovely. We had a chat to her afterwards, when I was getting a few free plants off the free plant table outside. We are going to grow sunflowers for the New Zealand Gardener sunflower competition. Johnny is a very enthusiastic sunflower grower. I wonder if my wee darlings, Henry and Lucy, would like to grow sunflowers?
I had a good prowl around the hall checking everything out. Johnny was taking photos of the premier and champion blooms. I have to admit I took plenty of shockingly awful photos with my fancy lens. I got a few pretty ones. Look- fritillarias. Sorry can't spell with this head. I'd love to grow some!
Even Mum was impressed with these bulbicodiums on the Alpine Society table. Also known as hoop petticoats. So sweet.
There were some floral art displays. Not really my thing. I like a big, lavish, natural bunch of garden flowers myself.
There were hundreds, possibly thousands of daffodils of all kinds.
Hotly contested are the collections classes. This one is Mum and Dad's entry in a 12 bloom class. Aren't they lovely!
Here's the table for the top winning blooms. I wasn't so sure about the Champion, which I thought was all size and little class. Maybe I'm biased because it wasn't one of Mum and Dad's lovely flowers.

I guess the best bit about the show was seeing Mum and Dad and chatting to some of their friends. Their dear friend Kevin, who is very ill with a brain tumor, made the trip down from Nelson. He had some entries, including a collection of very lovely white blooms. The organiser of the bulb raffle, who always sends me a book of tickets, and then has to remind me every year to send the butts back, teased me and said I should have been blonde. I prefer to think of myself as creative! He finds it highly amusing that I buy tickets for all of my animals. One year Miss Dog won a collection of pink blooms. I think Sam will enter this year. Hopefully he brings me luck! If he wins I'll swap the bulbs for some carrots and he'll be happy.

Oh, the sun is shining, and I hope to root John out of his lair shortly. He watched rugby until late and is still fast asleep. I'm hoping to plant some of my free seeds and plants today!

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