Saturday, October 8, 2011


Holidays, and guess what? Yes, I'm sick again. Just a bit of a cold, but believe me, I was cursing on Thursday when it became apparent that I would have another miserable few days at the start of the holidays. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go and groom for Emily Butcher again, which I was super excited about, but now am not so sure if I'll have the energy I had last time I went. She is competing in another ODE at McLean's Island. Poor Celine had a crash last weekend on Dresden doing showjumping. I haven't had a good chat with her to hear the details, but Dresden went right down apparently. She won't be competing tomorrow, which is a shame. Sam and I are getting together on Wednesday for a trip to McLean's Island hopefully, although Celine has plans to take two of the new horses and leave Dresden at home. Sam is totally in love with Dresden and he gets the serious lip quiver on if he can't see his boyfriend, then starts throwing himself around and whinnying madly. I don't fancy being on board a lovesick thoroughbred. Of all the things he could do I'm most scared of him bolting as an out-of-control horse cornering would no doubt launch me into space. I remember flying off Toby when he took off down the paddock across the creek and cornered at the bottom by the creek- well, I think it was Toby, although that seems a little hard to believe given his aptitude for plodding. I do remember landing on my back and skidding along. Mum rushed over with her usual question after a fall "Can you move your legs?" which I could, although I'm not sure I could breathe. Knowing my riding skill, he was probably slowly cantering, and I was probably having a mad panic.

It was pouring on and off this morning. Good for my garden. I am absolutely enthralled with a little daffodil called Tripartite - I think that is how you spell it. It is a wee jonquil split corona in a pretty lemon shade. Gorgeous! The small division daffodils I have in the garden have really lengthened the season. The ranunculas are coming out now. They are so pretty and bright. I'd love to get some of the florist's ones with the interesting colourings.

Well, I'm very very excited about the holidays and intend to make the most of them, cold bugs or not. Mmmm- sewing, horses, gardening, riding my bike, taking photos and doing embroidery. And a few other things thrown in. Keep checking in as I'll be blogging a bit more too.


Anonymous said...

Hi there...looking forward to daily updates!!
You have to do that so those of us not on holiday have something to look forward to each day!!

Hope you feeling better today and got out with the horses.
Love Megxx

ps. i remember that spectacular fall off Toby...he could move when he felt like it (which wasn't often!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, how is the cold? Hope you were able to go out to the ODE today. We are okay, Joy and Derrick came for lunch. Nan still has a very bad cough. Not much news from here but always enjoy reading your blog and hearing what you are up to. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx