Monday, October 17, 2011

Not much

Today was a not much happening day. Actually I did plant dill, mixed basil, delphinium, lemongrass, lobelia, radish, spring onion, spinach and bush bean seeds. After that my sore upper backside wasn't too pleased about all of the bending, so I did something very lazy. I read a James Herriot book, then skulked back to bed and napped, getting up in time to get ready to go into town for my 'cello lesson. These holidays have not quite gone as I hoped due to the unforeseen parting of ways from Sam's saddle. I had virtuous plans to ride my bike every day, to sort out the unsorted areas of the garden, to complete several quilt projects and to get the house spring-cleaned. Guess what? I am sure my groaning sacrum will soon be hunky dory, so I won't be subjecting you to updates on the state of my nether regions for much longer! Then I hope to have full days with much achieved.

By the way, my 'cello lesson went surprisingly well.

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