Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've had a bit of a blog break for a while. We had visitors on and off over almost a month, then the long school term and cold weather got to me. Luckily we are past the shortest day and I'm looking forward to spring.
Jasper is loving life around here, and even slipped past Miss Dog when she was in my workroom, to come inside. It took him two goes. The first try he chickened out and slunk away, but then the lure of inside drew him in, and he braved the short dash past her. Miss Dog knows he is not to be toyed with, and leaves him alone. He hasn't realized that she is actually frightened of his talons.
I am so delighted with his slow and steady attitude to life, his loud purr and his funny little voice, which is a surprise considering his size. I've had Siamese cats for so long, and they have loud, expressive voices. It seems a little sad, but I am so pleased to be able to give an elderly cat a wonderful life in his last years, that I'm wondering if adopting a succession of large elderly gentlemen would be the way to go. The Cat's Protection League often have elderly cats that are hard to rehome. Jasper prefers to be part of a one cat family. He would be highly offended if I was to bring another feline into the family, and in spite of his advanced age, would probably beat the crap out of it. Then he would pull all of the fur out of his sides and start pissing inside again in protest. I would feel terribly guilty and Johnny would be furious with cat piddle stink.

It has been a beautiful day today. I started doing some winter clean up jobs in the back yard. The ground was crunchy with frost and Miss Dog's turds were frozen so were pleasingly easy to pick up in my pooper scooper.
Miss Dog found a disgusting piece of one of her rawhide chews and was happy to show me.
Then she invited me to chase her. Our hearts weren't really in it, so the game didn't last long.
Some of the vege beds are empty. My celery has some disgusting disease, which does not please me at all. Apparently celery is one of the most highly sprayed vegetables, and I can see why. I'm still getting enough off my plants for soup. My bargain bin leeks are sooooo slooooow. The slugs have got almost all of the cabbages I've tried to grow. Slimy bastards. Yes they do deserve that title. Slugs are no good for anything. I can't even harvest them to eat. I'm sure they'd be like eating dirt flavoured bogeys. Oh my stomach churns at the thought. Bogeys are one thing that gross me out.
Pretty garlic chive seed heads.
I got these onion seedlings to have a head start on spring plantings. They were sitting on the bench and all I could think of was that song "Islands in the sun" but I was singing "Onions in the Sun." Yes I'm a dork.
On the table currently I have my prettiest tablecloth. I LOVE it! Anemone damask. It is a little too small for the table, but I'd never hold that against it.
I've been knitting up a storm. Well, attempting to make a little vest for dear wee Henry. Look out Lucy, you might be next! I have no pattern, and have never shaped anything complicated or created a cuff or neck band. I am frustrated that I get too tired to knit in the evenings after school.
Today I made Johnny's new I-Pad (a late birthday present) a pouch so he can hang it next to the bed. It is like teddy bear- he can't be away from it at night. I'm very fond of I-Pads because I use them at school for communication. Today I was trying to be a bit naughty when Johnny was asleep on the couch. I set it up to record and snuck up to record him snoring, but when I pushed the record button a loud tick tock sound of a metronome came out of it and woke him up. All I recorded was him mumbling as he woke up and me cackling and saying "damn it."
Cute fabric, don't you think? I let him choose it from my Kaffe Fassett stash.
I must finish off these wee vintage hearts.

I've got a casserole simmering quietly in the slow cooker. I am determined to use the slow cooker more.

I haven't had a horse ride this weekend because Sam is lame. We went out to Emily Butcher's place yesterday and helped her mum get some horses ready for an event today. I learned about plaiting and shampooing plus brushed out tails until they were lovely and smooth. I don't even mind picking up horse poo when they drop one in the stable yard. I especially enjoyed spending time with Frank, who has a wonderful gentle air about him (even though he has his moments). Some horses give off very peaceful vibes, and others have an anxious air about them that I find less easy to be around. Sometimes some gentle strokes and conversation will calm a stressed horse, and that is lovely to see too. Hopefully Sam will be back in action next weekend. I think he has been doing a bit much jumping than he is used to, and has probably strained something. He is being rested for a few days.

Well, I hope that makes up for a bit of an absence. I am sad that the weekend is almost over because it has been lovely to see the sun and to get outside for a decent length of time. You'll hear from me again soon. XXX


Anonymous said...

Buggar it..I have to type my comment again which means it will be shorter!!

Henry vest looks amazing, he will be super cute in it (even if I am a biased mother!!). I love a baby in a vest! Ryan has been making murmerings about us talking to you via the I-Pads..then Henry can model his vintage car vest for you.
The I-Pad cover looks great, very luxurious compared to Ryans pleather one!!
Have a great week at work,
Love to you both plus the Ginger Ninja and Black Stealth xx

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again! Th knitting looks good and very neat. I have been looking out patterns on the net. The garden looks neat. I have also been tidying up the garden and was pleased to dig some very presentable parsnips. The carrots are mostly strange squat creatures but taste okay. The leeks are dismally skinny - they don't seem to get any heftynous to them (my spellchecker wants to call them heinous - not far wrong!) Watched the Sunday theatre tonight which was excellent, set in a Welsh village. I have Skype set up ready to go if anyone wants to give it a try some time. Have a good week, Lots of love, a hugs to the fur people. xxxxxxxx