Saturday, July 9, 2011


We hunted and gathered this morning. Well, we went to City Firewood and got a small load of wood. I've been cold for the last week, even with the heat pumps going. The fire is cheerful and toasty. I have to say I'm a little anxious about earthquakes and the fire, but we can't live our lives waiting for another big one. There have been a few rumbles today, but it has generally been ominously quiet over the past week. After September last year I just started feeling like life was moving on when the February one struck. It feels the same now.
We haven't got a woodshed yet, so we get wood in small quantities that we can stack in a corner of the garage. Satisfyingly simple to do, and only takes a little bit of time, unlike huge loads delivered by truck.
This afternoon I got to work on the gaudy and extremely jolly Happy Holidays quilt. I'm quilting it in long wavy lines, like wandering through the flowers. Very simple to do as time is of the essence- I really want to snuggle up under this one to keep warm. The colours just make me feel warm. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is an experiment in colour.
I am sad because I can't ride this weekend again. Celine is really busy with setting up the riding school and bed and breakfast. I'm a bit lucky because she hasn't officially opened, so I get her to myself when she is available. Hopefully I'll get several rides over the holidays. Celine is going to start the landscaping next week, so I could give her a hand. The holidays start the week after next. Not before time either. So much crafting and gardening to do.

Right, I'm off to work on Henry's little vest. It is a bit of a learning curve because I'm doing it entirely without a pattern, and haven't made anything more challenging than hats and scarves. I've had a few muck ups and I really have no idea how to do the wee ribbed edges on the neck and armholes. Trial and error. I have to say, when it comes to crafting I usually assume I can do something until I have tried and discovered that, in fact, I suck. That might explain the unfinished projects lurking all over the place around here. Actually I feel the same way about cooking. I haven't even tried to do fancy cooking, because I'm not really interested in it (too much cleaning up), but in my own mind I could cook anything I set my mind to, providing I had a good, clear recipe. Hmmm, this theory has not been tested. It won't be tonight anyway, I've got a lovely warm fire to sit next to.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Hope you are enjoying your fire..nothing like a toasty warm fire to sit by.
I am just back from my conference in Dunedin...a good time was had by was lot of fun though I have come home with a stonking head cold. Henry enjoyed his time at home with Daddy!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend...roll on holidays!!
Love you, Megxx
ps. Henry won't notice if his wee vest isn't perfect.nor will his non knitter mummy!

Poppy Black said...

He might notice if his plump little tummy pokes out the bottom because I made it too small!