Sunday, May 29, 2011

Drama and beauty

It was like this...
Actually, not really. Sam and I went for a hack with my riding instructor and her big horse yesterday. Sam got a fright and reared - only a little. Celine said his front hooves were about 2-3 feet off the ground. My face was brushed by mane. Scary! I hardly shifted in the saddle though, which was very fortunate. Sam is a bit of a drama queen when he gets a fright. Fortunately he has a really soft mouth, which means he responds well to the bit. Celine bought a new saddle which is going to be his one because it fits him perfectly. Great for me too because it is a dressage saddle. It is a fabric one rather than leather, so is really grippy. I'd stick Velcro on my bum and the saddle if I could. I feel exposed up so high without a harness or seat belt.

I would like to announce the best ever mandarin season is right now. Yum. They are like sweet bombs.
Today I got stuck into planting the last of my daffodils. It was exciting finding places for them, and there will be room for more next year. I labelled them with 2 different pens so am hoping I wont have a labeling fiasco like last year when the daffodil names, carefully written, disappeared in the first rain. Curses to Vivid markers. This year I used a Sharpie marker on one side, and a Procky marker on the other. There's a bit of colour in the garden. The polyanthus are always so pretty.
I'm not sure why I love them so much, but I just do.
Apple Blossom, a sasanqua camellia is out. The bush has doubled in size in a year, so I am very pleased with it. The blush of pink on white is so pretty.
And the anemones are going to be great this winter. I wonder if I should plant some more as they are gorgeous.
Now this little iris is very special because it was given to me by my friend Helen. Why is it out now? I think it is a special wee flower for Helen, who has been diagnosed with a melanoma and will be having surgery very soon.

Johnny's brother and his partner are staying this week. Then we've got my sister and her family for Queen's Birthday. A busy couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
The rearing incident sounds quite did well to not fall off or panic!!
Lovely flowers in your garden and best wishes to your friend Helen, I hope her surgery and recovery goes well.
We had a quiet weekend, lots of playing and going for walks and eating too much!!
We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend...we plan to leave at lunchtime on Friday, hope to get away by 2 at the very latest!

Love to you both,

Anonymous said...

Mmmm you are right about the mandarins, they are delicious at the moment. Our camellia bushes are doing well too, we don't have Apple Blossom - it looks pretty. Plantation Pink is lovely and the Hiryu one out the front has lots of flowers this year as it is getting more sun. Glad that the riding went well apart from the odd scary moment. Have a great week, love to all, fur and unfurred at your place! Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kiera said...

Hi, I love the image of the rearing horse... Are you able to enlighten me as to where you got the image and/or if it is protected by copyright? Thank you :) Bogg Faery x

Poppy Black said...

Bog Faery- the image can be found on which seems to be a site for lots of wallpaper for pc and mac. I prefer to use my own images but a bit tricky from on top of Sam!