Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sad, sad, sad that I haven't had any horsey contact this weekend. But I dressed Ruby up in the ribbon I was given because Frank, who I helped to groom last weekend, won his dressage event. His mum sent it home with Johnny for me. My first dressage ribbon, and I didn't even have to ride a horse.

Johnny hasn't been well today, so I was flying solo most of the day. I got out into the garden and planted the baby onions that I bought last weekend. I did heaps of washing and a bit of tidying up. There was time for a look at my favourite magazine.
The cover is so pretty this month. It is a little odd reading all about summer in the middle of winter, but it makes me think of glorious roses and lush vege patches. There is a lovely article about a farm which is set up for visits by people with special needs. They spend days there mixing with animals and gardening. I'd love run a farm like that I can't see how that would ever happen. Any ideas?

I spent a bit of time working on my Happy Holidays quilt.
I've been plodding back and forward with my meandering lines of stitches. You can't race with the walking foot on my machine. It says so in the book.
I can't wait to snuggle under it in the evenings.

Speaking of snuggling, Henry will soon be proudly wearing his new vest. Look! Double pointed needles, no patterns, and no instructions! Guess what? I actually managed to create a presentable neck band!!!!! We can only hope his noggin will fit through the neck hole, and that the body is long enough to reach down to his waist. If not, it'll be vest number 2 for Henry.

Hopefully by the time we get Ryan's birthday present organised, Henry's vest will be ready to post too. Happy birthday Ryan!

I'm so looking forward to the holidays. Crafting every day. Hopefully plenty of horse time. Late nights and sleep-ins. Gardening and planning. Walks in the sun. Curling up by the fire. Only five days of school to get through.


Anonymous said...

Hi two blogs in a weekend, what a treat! The vest looks lovely. The quilt will be really colourful and summery to wrap up in. This is one of the fabric sellers on Ebay I like to look at
has French fabrics and others. We are okay, had crap weather which is supposed to continue 'til Friday. Have a good week at school! Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, the vets looks great.
I am sure Henry's wee scone will fit though the head hole (seems to be in better proportion to the rest of his body now).
The quilt is gorgeous but I don't think anything will beat your knee quilt on the new is the most spectacular little quilt ever.