Saturday, May 7, 2011


It has been horribly wet today. So no exciting photos or activities. We took a quick trip to do a couple of jobs and I got a cardigan, a dress and two tops from Ezibuy and Postie Plus. Good for school. I was supposed to have a riding lesson but it was too slippery underfoot and as Celine wanted me to start cantering it was too dangerous. Her all-weather arena is going in in three weeks time. She is really excited. I am hoping she decides a foam pit for stunts would be a good addition before next week when my next lesson is scheduled.

Mr Jasper piddles a lot. And he poos every night. It is very smelly. We're hoping to get him using the outdoor facilities as soon as possible. Johnny poked him out the catdoor today, amidst a selection of hisses and foul cat language. He then went for a little walk in the garden before coming back indoors for a civilised nap. We're getting another cat door put into the garage so that he can have a safe area away from Miss Dog down the back of the house. He hates her with a passion, and at 17 I'm not imaging changing his mind is going to be a simple affair. We'll allow him the run of the garage and garden along the back of the house during work days, and he can have the run of the house and his catdoor from my craft room into the rest of the back garden when we are home. We don't want his cat toilet tray to be the smelly curse of our lives. He gets so many loves and cuddles that we can't feel guilty about his time in the garage. I love standing in front of the mirror with him in my arms so that I can marvel at his ginger hugeness.

School was great. We've got a lovely rhythm going that suits us all. We have a few dramas but nothing nasty.

Hopefully I'll get into the garden for a wee while tomorrow, if the weather permits.


Muzzle said...

Hey there,

Horrible wet day here as well, loads of surface flooding.
We went to Motueka to the Moorings for mums birthday lunch...service and food left a lot to be desired...took about an hour and a half for our pizza to come!! But it was lovely to see Mum on her birthday. Jim came over from Golden Bay as did Joe and Marg. And of course Nanny and Dad were there as well.
Henry was up a 4:50am and hadn't really had a nap but wasn't too feral at lunch apart from crapping his pants three times...stinky...sounds a bit like your new resident!!

Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

A bad time of the year fro a new cat learning to "go" outside! Ours certainly prefer to use the dry litter when the weather is bad. They even go in the sawdust under the sawbench and have found the sacks of sawdust from the mill! All okay here today, we went to Nelson as Nan had an eye appointment. Met Meg for lunch. It has been hideously wet here too but okay today. Have a good week at work! Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx