Sunday, May 15, 2011


Guess what I did... I cantered!!!! Sam didn't make it easy for me because he didn't want to canter so kept speeding up and up until his legs were flying as he trotted at high speed, and my backside bounced and bounced in the saddle. The problem with that is that it isn't easy to sit when trotting- that's why you "rise to the trot" - lifting yourself up and forward with the horse's strides. You have to sit to tell your horse to canter, but Sam decided that being a bugger was a better idea. I finally did one wonderful circuit - and had another wee burst as well. So I am very proud of myself. Onwards and upwards (well hopefully not upwards- that could be a bad idea). I celebrated by a visit to the Shetland paddock. They are delightful furry creatures. I adore them. I actually need a whole body transplant today- I've got sore muscles everywhere. Cantering is a tough business. Sorry no photos because Johnny was busy at home making the cutest little dog proof fence to give Mr Jasper his own private garden area around the back of the house. He used wee pickets.

Miss Dog doesn't care about the minor restriction to her movements. She loves her mummy.
And her blankets - note the slightly strained expression in her eyes- she seems a little uncomfortable under the glare of the camera lens.
Mr Jasper, however, is a pro when it comes to modelling.
Isn't he just lovely.
I'm a bit sad because he has licked a bald patch on one side. He had another one before he came here and the fur is growing back there, but he has started on the other side. He seems happy enough but I guess he's under a bit of stress with the change of lifestyle.
I've got my cauldron out and have been creating my most valuable medicine for good health- soup. My soup. Kind of a minestrone, but with some modifications. This year's brew has a few minor modifications. I've added chopped garlic cloves - 5 today, 4 long dried red chillies (not to be eaten) and some crushed coriander seeds- about a teaspoon. I love intense flavours and am working on finding an excellent way to push up the deliciousness of the brew.
Feijoas. Love them or hate them they are ripe in my garden. I fortunately love them, and have enjoyed finding them among the petunia foliage after they drop off the little trees at perfect ripeness.
I haven't even planted a new lot of anemones and last year's ones are starting to appear. Fabulous.

And a lovely autumn treat- raspberries. My raspberry canes are double fruiting. Actually I think the autumn crop is better than the summer one.

I wish tomorrow was another horse riding day, but I'll be back at school. We had a few unfortunate moments last week but you never know what will happen from day to day in my job. You've got to laugh and carry on.

My special thought of the week: If I can canter, you can do anything! Get out there and do something interesting.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the cantering that is wonderful! You will be doing a dressage test in no time at all. Love the photos of Jasper, he is a nice rich red. Always had a soft spot for ginger cats and still very tempted to get a redpoint Siamese............. we will see. Raining again tonight, and turned cold. Maybe the start of winter. Have a great week!
Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gigibird said...

Lovely animal shots.
Congratulations with the cantering :-)