Saturday, April 30, 2011

The New Addition

Ooh- what's out here?
Let's take a little look...
Hmmm- back inside I think.

Introducing Jasper. He is about 17 years old, but doesn't he look great! He keeps gentleman's hours- sleeping most of the day, and wandering a bit at night. He moves at a sedate pace and is very cuddly and friendly, except when he sees Miss Dog. Fortunately they haven't crossed paths all that much. He has an assortment of foul language and threatening faces in his arsenal. Because he is rather self-sufficient it seems very natural to have him here and he has been no bother at all. Kittens are fun but they do need a lot of attention and training.

I started riding lessons again but have moved to Scarlett Oaks Equestrian. Celine, the owner and head instructor, bought Sam for her new riding school and I followed him. Celine is very experienced and has been taught by many top riders. Exciting to be learning off her, and she was very complementary about my position and transitions. She seems to have a real passion for horses and quite a gentle approach which I really like. Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos of her crew of Shetland ponies who are delightfully plump and furry. One of her Shetlands is a dappled palomino in summer and has grown a chocolate coloured winter coat with pale spots. Very unusual I thought. Celine will be doing lead rein lessons once the ponies have had some serious work.
Here I am on my darling Sam getting some instruction.

I was surprised how furry Sam has become with his winter coat since I saw him last. It is getting much colder at night, so I'm pleased that he has a good fur coat. Thoroughbreds have such fine, sleek coats in summer. I'm thrilled to be able to see Scarlett Oaks developing as an equestrian centre because Celine has some amazing plans including two arenas (dressage and jumping), plus cross country jumps, and riding holidays.

Congratulations to Catherine and William on their wonderful, beautiful wedding day. Kate looked so beautiful and the service was understated and elegant. We had a great time dressing up and celebrating the big day with our neighbours. We had corgis (doggy doorstoppers), royal family photos (from the newspaper), a delightful pizza wedding breakfast and wedding attire all around.

Today we did some vigorous outside work. Out came the tomato bushes and lots of weeds and Johnny did some gate painting. Left over sausage rolls and pizza for tea.


Muzzle said...

Hi there,
Jasper looks lovely, I hope he and Poppy become good friends! I am sure Henry would love him, he is very fond of cats (and dogs!).
Quiet weekend here, gorgeous day today.
You sound like you have made the most of the holidays.
Love to you both,

Gigibird said...

Jasper looks a darling. It's so nice he can live out his twilight years with you.

Cassbelle Ink said...

Jasper is beautiful, doesn't look a day over 10! Izzy wants to call him the Ginga Ninja but I have advised her to be a little more respectful.