Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over, so quickly

This weekend has just shot by. I'm truly amazed at how quickly it has gone. No time for photos. No gardening. Just riding, shopping and visitors. I did have a great last week. I'm feeling great at the moment, which is odd for me coming into winter. My riding is going brilliantly, and my instructor said I've got the potential to be a very good dressage rider, so she wants to work really hard with me. It is lovely to be learning with a real focus. I learned how to do a "leg yield" on Sam (see You Tube for the experts doing it). Basically Sam's body and head stay straight, but he moves in from the 1/4 line to the outside track on a diagonal, crossing his legs daintily over each other. I could do it at walk and sitting trot. My 'cello lessons are also going well and I'm enjoying practising. I love highly expressive pieces, especially moody ones in a minor key.

I'm so tired. I really feel like it is bedtime now. Not a good omen on a Sunday night. Let's not be negative. I could just do the sensible thing and miss House by going to bed before 8.30pm.

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