Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of the Three Day Event. Unfortunately we could only stay for part of the day but we did see Laura and Max compete. He did really well but did have a couple of rails down. I don't think he has quite developed a consistent jumping style yet, but he will with time. He doesn't flow over all of the jumps and sometimes kind of "pronks" over them- hard to describe. He does get good height but it must be a bit of a rough ride.
He's a beautiful boy who has a lovely nature. He is lovely to cuddle and has gorgeous silky fur.

I hope he gets an amazing new home where he can have lots of opportunities to meet his potential. He is on Trade-me at the moment. I can't think of any of my readers who have an interest in training a talented young eventing horse. He's a lot more challenging than I could ever take on.

I was sad that we didn't see our other special horse friends competing. William wasn't allowed to compete in the showjumping because he was retired from the cross country. As it turned out he went lame so that must have been bothering him. He is a talented jumper and would love a career in showjumping. Unfortunately he is not keen on dressage and even though he is a top level horse he needs to be talented in all 3 disciplines to go any further in eventing. I think he will be looking for a new home.

On the fantastic news front, both Oscar and Johnny won their classes. Yay! Johnny will be moving up to 2* events and Oscar is now qualified to enter 4* (international) events.

I'm resuming lessons later in the week on my special man Sam. I hope it goes well with a new tutor. I really hope she has got a great sense of humor and lots of patience. At least I know what Sam generally gets up to during a lesson and that I can handle him if he plays up a bit. He enjoys the drama of shying but if I keep him working on the bit he doesn't mess around.

We had the Crafty Neighbour and family around for afternoon tea. We made the mistake of going to the supermarket. It was a mad house with people milling around everywhere. We got stuck behind a couple that had a hideous stench emanating from one of them. I was already feeling a bit claustrophobic and wanted to shout at the idiots blocking my way. I know you know what I mean!

The weather is very chilly today and we haven't got as much done as I planned. Never mind, I blogged and Criminal Minds is on tonight.

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