Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Friday

I've had a great week at school. The class is working well and my teacher assistants are doing an amazing job. Even better, I went to my riding lesson today and went hacking out along the road with my instructor, who was riding a beautiful white horse called Oscar. Oscar is a top eventing horse, and is a bit of a drama queen (not today though). I didn't even have to trot, but learned so much about position and control. It is quite different riding a horse like Sam than riding school ponies because he has been highly trained and responds to signals from your whole body. He was naughty at one stage, which was scary, but we managed to get back under control without a disaster (he got a fright and then decided he wanted to go home). I was glad he didn't bolt because I was sure I would come off. No photos today because Johnny couldn't come out with us. He hung out with Ben, who was getting his mane plaited, and wasn't too impressed. We saw baby Fraser too. He is getting so black.

I'm sending my happy birthday wishes to Mrs CT today. Happy birthday to you! See you tomorrow. I've got quilting class tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I'll get my blue quilt finished.

Yay- sleep in day tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The riding soudns wonderful, I wish I was down there to enjoy it with you!
Hope the blue quilt got finished, how did you get on with the Happy Holidays quilt?
Very hot here, too hot to do anything.
Went out to Ngatimtoi yesterday which was lovely...nice sitting in the shade under the walnut tree.
Love to you and John
Meg xxxxxx