Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just popping in

Since you love to read my blog I'll see if I can pop in more often. I had the first day back with the class today. They were all really good with only one or two mad moments. My growly voice only came out once. It was much easier starting the year with this familiar class than it was last year when they were all new to me.

Johnny and I went to the twilight eventing this evening, which we both enjoyed. I was judging show jumping and Johnny picked up rails. Not too many today - overall the competitors did well. There were some great naughty horse moments. One reared and bucked and generally carried on. Apparently the recent rain has caused the grass to grow and some horses were probably extra bouncy as a result. After my first lesson I'm just impressed at how the riders can stay on. I used to jump but I can't imagine ever being able to do it again.

We've got some birthdays to celebrate this week- Mrs CT and Big Al are having birthdays. Happy birthday to them both and see you on Saturday! XXX

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...glad you had a good first day back...I am sure the term will whiz by (fingers crossed).
Wish we could come to the eventing with you!!

Hope rest of week goes well,