Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boiling hot

Oh it has been so dreadfully hot today. I realised at about 8.00am when I went out for a walk with Miss Dog that it was going to be a roasting day. She sensibly found a big pool of water in the nature park and lounged in it until she was wet and filthy. It was over 35 degrees C earlier in the afternoon. I got stuck in and finished off my blue quilt. It took a long time to do the binding and also to put on the ric rac.
I'm very pleased with it as a sampler of all of the techniques I learned at the machine quilting class. It isn't really my colours (well the purple doesn't excite me as a home decorating colour), but it feels lovely, is interesting to look at and will be at home on the couch in the living room.



Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Wow, the wee quilt looks amazing, I ma particularly fond on the middle tow panels on the left...very cool!!

Too hot here as well, it is awful...roll on winter and boots and merino jumpers and cool floral skirts!

Have a good week at work, enjoy House tonight. Lovelyt o talk to you today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the quilt is beautiful, I like the delphinium fabric, but the whole thing is lovely. It has been so hot today. Still feels hot tonight. Winter does sound rather attractive tonight. Probably be cursing the cold before long. Have a great week. Love Mum.xxxxxxxx