Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to school

I feel I should say "see you in 11 weeks" but will try to update my blog once a week during the term. I've been busy, busy, busy and have enjoyed getting ready for school as it is so much more peaceful at school without the children. We had a swimming day yesterday - learning how to teach swimming. I had fun in the pool. I've still got one quilting lesson, plus two twilight events to go to. I've got the horse riding and cello lessons too.

At the weekend we went out to my cousin's great new house. She has two of the most superb ponies I've ever seen. They are palomino Welsh Cobbs. Oh my goodness the older one, Whinney (or is it Winnie?) is so beautiful as her coat has developed beautiful dapples in her goldy fur. Her little brother, Cloud, is gorgeous too, and is currently lighter, with a fabulous crinkled mane and tail. He will grow bigger, and is rather flighty. They are stunning.

Sorry about the current horse obsession. You'll just have to put up with it, possibly until I fall off a horse and decide not to mention horses again.


Anonymous said...

Emily's ponies spudns lovely, I am sure it woudl have been fun tos ee her new house as well.

Good luck back at school, when you are feeling sad about being back, just think of us "normal" people who only get 4 weeks of holidays a year!!

I will look forward to reading your blog each week (and will probably check every night...just in case there is a update)


juniorwashbourn said...

Hey Missie, what a great start to the term - could you NOT swim before your T/O day??? I love reading your blogs, so keep 'em coming!!!