Friday, January 28, 2011

Horsing around

Look what I've been up too.
I had my first riding lesson today. I rode Sam. He felt absolutely enormous and the ground looked a long way away.
Once I got the hang of walking and sitting correctly it was time for a trot.
I haven't done anything as scary in ages. I felt like Sam was going to bounce me right off. I hung on tight and didn't have to steer because I was on the lunge rein.
My favourite thing was walking around practising my steering and stopping using my legs and backside as well as my hands.

I did great for my first ride in about 20 years (is it that long??!!). Sam was a very good boy but was very pleased to be allowed to go back to his paddock because all of the other horses had their tea while he had to go for a ride instead. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to trot without terror (and don't mention cantering) but I'm having another lesson next week.


Anonymous said...

How fantastic!! Are you having proper lessons? I am very jealous..what a lovely horse! You look like a natural!

Have a great weekend,

Meg xxx

Jenny at Red House said...

Well done for staying on! I'm well known round here for falling off! jennyx

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, you look great on him and he looks good and calm. You wont be able to judge the show jumping soon because you will be riding in it yourself! Lots of love, Mum. xxxx

Cassbelle Ink said...

You DO look like a natural. I'm so glad to see you riding. Would you be up for a short trek sometime? Let me know - I'm keen.