Thursday, January 20, 2011

Velvet puppies

Today I was lucky to be invited to visit a small farm with piggies, horses (yay), cows and calves, chookies and sheep. Plus Mr and Mrs Dog and their beautiful family. Look- the pups are only two weeks old and are spoodles (spaniel - poodle crosses).
I think they have been crafted out of velvet of the best quality. Their coats are shiny and super soft.
Mummy dog let us hold one at a time. She wasn't worried as long as the five others were in with her.
The biggest one's eyes are just opening. They've got tiny wee thick ears and the most amazing paddy paws with teeny tiny claws.

I knew there was no chance of ever taking one home in the future, so I didn't even imagine having one. Miss Dog would love her own wee friend, I'm sure, but her father has already drawn the line at one dog.

Other news from today:
  • I went to school and set out my classroom furniture.
  • I am learning how to do a few things that Johnny normally does. I tried to put a rivet in and had a go at making the mower start. I failed on both counts, but at least I had a go.
  • I've been practising squiggling around with the embroidery foot on my sewing machine. I'm getting more controlled.
  • I found a box of Roses chocolates in my classroom from the end of the year last year. There is a god.
  • We've had a lot of earthquakes (aftershocks) today. The biggest was 5.1 and woke us up at about 6am. It gave the house a good long rattle.
  • I'm really tired.


Gigibird said...

Oh my what a gorgeous bundle of gorgeousness....
There is a new pup in my road - a labrourpoodle...but although cute seem rather mad.

Anonymous said...

Lovely puppies though anything with poodle is dodgy!! They are gorgeous and so tiny.

Nothing like finding a hidden box of choccies...wish we had one here!!
Glad you are enjoying your holidays so much...wish we had more time to have fun together.
Love to you both,