Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mustn't grizzle

We're both getting a bit sad cause the holidays are coming to an end. But since we've had such a wonderful time we mustn't grizzle. No photos today. Just a few words. Today I spent a considerable amount of time getting the tomato forest under control. I discovered quite a collection of tomatoes in various shapes lurking among the rampant foliage. The plants look a little like shorn sheep, just after a haircut. Leggy and bewildered. I've been taking off the big foliage, especially from lower down, to help to improve airflow and light. I also planted coriander, carrots, rainbow chard and bok choy. My more dedicated readers may remember that I planted those not long ago, but I've had some problems with the intense heat drying out seedlings during the day. We had yummy courgette fritters for lunch today. We haven't got hoards of members of the squash family taking over our lives this year, so Johnny is quite pleased about that.

On the sewing front, I had another great class yesterday at Stitch. I learned about free machine quilting and completed one panel, and started another (complete with swirls) yesterday. I've got quite a bit more to do before next week because we are going to start piecing the panels.

We're watching Martin Clunes visiting islands. I've got B's copies of series 2 and 4 of Doc Martin. I lent her my 1 and 3. Awesome, if I find time to watch them. I thought Joanna Lumley's Cat and Nile series were both wonderful over the last few weeks. I hope Martin is equally as good. Martin is looking a bit scared already because he has to get across from a boat to an island then climb lots of ladders. I'd be be scared too. He has a wet bottom.

Things making me pleased currently:
  • Criminal Minds is back on.
  • Fake eyelashes (eyelash extensions in little clumps)- hard to apply but wow!
  • Doggy dreams- Miss Dog is chasing rabbits.
  • Haloumi cheese with mint- yum.
  • Quilting.
  • The giant wool sack Johnny set up in a frame to store my garden rubbish.
  • Eating my homegrown garlic.
Kisses to my lovely family XXXXX


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I too am pleased Criminal Minds is back on but who are they going to make leave??!!! Hope it is dumb Rossi but think it is JJ...bummer.

Mum and Dad came to visit to day. Me, Mum and Henry went to he very pathetic Antiques and Collectibles lame..Mum got a sweet necklace though.
Dad and R did some tree felling and we had a busy weekend filling a giant skip.
We got rid of two privet trees which we suspect may be causing Henry to have an allergic reaction..who knows...but they are gone now!!
We are enjoying Martin C and the Islands thing.
Work tomorrow...shite.

Love to you both,

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have really made the most of the holidays and that is great! We are eating beans and the first tomato is colouring up. We are lifting bulbs and it was great to take time out and visit M & R and a very busy wee H who is so cute! The island thing was good - looks a bit bleak and cold up there to be appealing though. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx