Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heavenly Day

I had a wonderful day today. The weather was hot and beautifully sunny. I really have had a fabulous holiday this year. Sadly it is rapidly coming to an end, but I've got a few fun irons in the fire, so I'm hoping it won't feel like life is at an end when term begins.

The tomatoes are currently fascinating. I was so excited when the first one ripened, but the feathered varmints (aka blackbirds- possibly those raised in my very own garden) gobbled it all up before I got a taste. Traitors. I netted some of the tomato plants this morning. That might slow them down a little.
When it started getting too hot for outside I got stuck into my homework from the quilt course. I have to have three of my fat quarters quilted by the next class. Heaps of fun.
I did this one in straight lines to make a grid pattern. I decided after I had finished that diagonal lines would have worked better.
I practised my wiggly lines on this one. You can't really see the quilting too well in this photo. I tried to make the flowers look like they are floating on a river. You definitely can't tell from the photo- sorry you've missed out on greatness.
I learned about using my walking foot to make circles in different ways. I quilted around the big circles, and am filling in the background with squiggles (badly-but I'm learning how to control the fabric while free quilting -very tricky).
I got two envelopes today from my brilliant sister. Despite the warnings on the back of each envelope that the contents were boring, and that I wasn't to get too excited, I was very pleased indeed to find two quilting magazines. One of the magazines had quilts featured that I saw in person at the quilting conference thing I went to last year. Thanks Meg!!!!!

Once Johnny got home from playing golf we arranged to go and see darling Fraser. Last time you saw him he was 9 days old. He is now 3 months. He is very tall, with elegant long legs, and a very pretty face. Apparently he will feature at the Olympics in a few years. I wouldn't be at all surprised.
He is so tall now, and is losing his baby fur. He is going to be very dark in colour.
See how tall he is up against his mother, who is over 16 hands high. He will be weaned in about a month, which can't come soon enough for his lovely mummy, because is has taken a lot out of her raising him.

He is very friendly and interested in people. He has learned that nipping is not OK, but I would say it does require confidence with horses to hang out with him like I did today. He is pretty gentle but is learning about manners. Dear (not so wee) creature. He is really special. What a treat! After hanging out with Fraser we headed over to the arena to watch some horses in action. I'm going to start lessons soon. I'm so excited. I hope I don't fall off as it will be a long way down. And next week the next twilight eventing begins again, so we'll be helping out for three weeks.
I adore horses. Johnny is thankful the backyard is too small to house one.


Anonymous said...

wow, those boring magazines arrived quickly!!
Glad you have been having such a great holiday. The quilting projects look like fun.
Love the wee fur baby, he is gorgeous.
We are sorting out Skype so will be able to say hi soon.
Love to you both (and to Poppster of course),

Notchka said...

Nice to see a sneakpeak of your quilt-as-you go creation. Nin x