Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been the only one to hang around Prebbleton all day today. The visitors visited friends, and Johnny had a round of golf. I did some gardening. Mostly pruning the rampant lower growth off the tomatoes, while imploring them to get cracking and produce fruit. John's mum deadheaded the roses and made afternoon tea.
Miss Dog, J. and I went for a walk, finding four different plum trees plus an apple tree to plunder. The apples aren't ready yet, but look like they may be cooking apples.

These are the fabrics I'm using for the course I am going on to learn how to machine quilt. I love the delphinium panel, which I will use as the feature in the middle.
I have been playing around with these hexagon pieces. This will grow into a table runner/mat thing for the little coffee table.
I'm using these hexagon templates which are quite a stiff card. I can pull the fabric over the edges of the card and iron them in place, then use a piece of masking tape to hold them together instead of tacking them. The templates will be reusable, which makes me very pleased indeed.

We have had an absolutely gluttonous week this week. I really need to go to some kind of boot camp. We're watching Departures, so I had better go and concentrate because it has subtitles. XXX

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Anonymous said...

I Love the delphinium fabric, that will be a very special quilt!!
We have been super glutenous also, boot camp would be good, wish we lived in the same place so we could motivate each other!!
Our visitors have gone and it seems lovely and quiet here.
Yay for the weekend,