Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonderful day!

I had a shocker of a day yesterday, but handled it fine. I wasn't sure how today would go, but I went in to school and decided to spread a bit of joy around, hoping some would come back. And it did. You never know in my job. I work with an incredibly diverse and unpredictable group of young people, and I see the best and the worst of them. Today they were a delight. Tomorrow is Friday, and some of my students can tell me that the weekend is coming (we're learning about the days of the week). Yay!

I thought I'd share these gorgeous tulips from my lovely Mummy's garden. I adore tulips. I thought I loved the double ones the most, but this year I've changed my mind. I'm fascinated by peering into the deeply cupped blooms to study the colours and shapes inside. The stripy ones please me very much.
Mauve spikes:
Feathered edges:
Hand painted:
Glorious sunset colours:

Other things to report. Hmmm...
  • Miss Dog is trimming her toenails with her teeth. Lucky Daddy isn't home, he always grumps when she does that.
  • Johnny is at the junior concert at his school. Fun.
  • One of Emily Butcher's horses had a foal. I will get to visit it soon. Fantastic.
  • Tuna in cans is highly over-rated. Let the dolphins, whales, giant squid and sharks have the tuna.
  • My front garden looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!
  • Ronan Keating just said the girl on X-Factor "nailed the vocals." I beg to differ. Actually I beg to differ with all of the judges. She was out of tune.
  • I wouldn't be watching X-Factor if Johnny was home. We would have Motorway Patrol on.
  • I'm very sorry to hear that Cam's friend lost her battle with cancer. Terribly sad.
  • I haven't seen a photo of my gorgeous niece, Lucy, in a while. Hint, hint.
  • We got a lovely card from the vet clinic today. It made me want to cry, but I resisted after my great day.
  • We had a cracker of an aftershock yesterday, and a smaller, but very noisy one not too long ago. Miss Dog barked in indignation and fright. We seem to be having about 3 earthquakes a day.
Have a brilliant day tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...
Glad you had a good day.
I agree about the X-Factor judges...I am not impressed with a lot of the vocals...I can only put it down to things sounding different live than they do on TV...still love Ronan though!

I sent more photos are probably drowning in Henry photos!
Hope your Friday goes well...roll on weekend.

I LOVE tulips as well....they may be one of my favorites...along with peonies, roses, lilies...daffodils...hmmmm...I love all flowers I think!!