Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today has been a bit of a frustrating day because I haven't got all of the things done I would have liked to. Never mind, there was lots to see in the garden.
There are brilliant splashes of colour in the front border.
The parrot tulips are rather a muddle of petals, like custard and raspberry jelly. Not sure what the black middles look like- flies in the pudding? You can see the bearded iris getting ready to open. Unfortunately they are a dark browny black. They arrived in a plastic bag on the doorstep. I love the colour of the strappy leaves against the house. I'm going to search out some prettier coloured ones and replace them, but these ones will probably go over in the cemetery. No, not in a coffin.
I love these delicate michelia flowers. They are so beautiful. This wee bush is still only a metre tall, and I'm looking forward to it putting some serious effort into growing.
This pasque flower was a fabulous find at the supermarket. It is fascinating to look at. I've always wanted one, but they tend to be expensive. I hope it does well for me.
Apart from the poets, these wee treasures are the last daffys out. They have a wonderful fragrance and seem to have multiplied merrily in their two springs with me.
Today The Crafty Neighbour lent me this contraption. It is for pressing flowers in the microwave. Interesting to experiment with, and since it only takes about a minute to dry out the flowers, it doesn't take long to get results.

Here are some of the pressed specimens. They keep their colour better than the ones I have done in the past in heavy books.
I've been working on the first of the handmade birthday presents, and was annoyed that I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today. I've got a busy week as I've got the usual school meetings, plus a bank appointment and I have to go to the doctor sometime as well. All sounds a bit tedious compared to enjoying the glorious colour around here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your garden looks the first photo, those poppies are amazing!!

The pasque flowers is interesting, looks lovely...would one of them grow at our place?

Hope your week goes well. I am weighed down with dread about how much I have to do this week...but only 5 days til the weekend!