Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Boy

We decided to make an unscheduled visit to Nelson for the very special birthday of our wee treasured nephew, Henry. His first birthday is tomorrow. We had a family gathering on Saturday at his house, with balloons, presents and lots of delicious food. We had whitebait fritters - yum! Plus Mum's famous meringues. We also had the birthday cake, which was a cosmetically enhanced bought one and was delicious. Much appreciated by the birthday boy himself. Although there were many lovely presents, the highlight was the three piece tool kit with interchangeable sander, circular saw and reciprocating saw, all in classy matte plastic, with noisy sound effects and lights. Uncy Jim decided that every baby needs to start building his tool collection.

We are missing dearest Monty. I'm learning to sleep without him. I planted a pretty garden for him, and he is among the roses. It was hard to water the garden with him in it, because he didn't like getting wet. Horrible to think about him in the ground.

I finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on the way back home in the car today. What a great read- and a great movie. I'm going to start "The Girl who Played with Fire" tonight. Excellent. Must go to sleep early though, because it is back to school tomorrow. I've got to remember why I go to school - to fund my craft habit.

Happy Birthday dearest little man Henry! Stay as sweet as you are forever! XXXXXXX

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for making the long trip to spend the weekend wit is so appreciated. We had a lovely time!!

Henry is enjoying his Scout Dog...Ryan has enhanced it via the tells him about his favourite foods and says his name etc...very cool! He is really enjoying the balloons as well!!

Hope the rest of the school year flashes by, it will be Christmas before you know it and we will all be together again.

Lots of love and a special hug from Henryxxx

ps. Tell John the necklace holder is in situ and is FABULOUS!!