Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had a little accident yesterday. I was zipping out to chuck a dead ranuncula flower out in the compost before we had six friends around for a barbeque, when I rolled my ankle and fell over. At the time there was some severe groveling and ouching, a bit of amused sympathy from Johnny, but as the visitors were about to arrive I had to get up and carry on. Nothing much hurt while I was doing stuff. But by bedtime I couldn't put any weight on my foot and had to crawl to the toilet. It hurt so much the bedcovers made it ache. This morning I still couldn't walk on it, so I had to stay at home. It looks a bit fat but doesn't actually hurt until I try to stand on it. So much for dancing on the lawn, but at least I've had some time to dedicate to crafty projects (once my nose stopped bleeding, but that's another issue altogether - although possibly related to hitting the deck hard).

I decided to get onto finishing the border for the runner. I really wanted to do mitred corners. Auntie B. gave me a lesson last year, and after intense scrutiny of instructions in one of my books, I had a go. I must admit, there was some unpicking due to idiotic actions made by the injured party, but my mitres are all lying beautifully flat, and I'd be happy to have a go on my next quilt. The advantage of learning how is that you have to make four corners, so have plenty of practise.

The runner still needs a back, but I want red and don't have any.
Look at that lovely corner. I'm so proud.
Here is the runner sitting where it will eventually live. I still haven't chosen paint for this piece of furniture.

This was inspired by Jane Brocket's Tulip Fields quilt. It uses mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, although the border fabric is not one of his. It has that lavish over-the-top floral feel about it though. I am very pleased indeed.

I'm not so sure about this foot. I couldn't get a doctor's appointment today (everyone is desperate for medical help after the long weekend apparently). The problem is that I am moving so slowly it would take ages to get from the office to my classroom, and should all Hell break loose, I can't get out of the way. What I need is some crutches, so I can both walk, and defend myself with them. I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning. I'll probably be a lot better by then. Not quite ready for a dance on the lawn, but maybe to sort of walk, rather than gingerly hobble, from one end of the house to the other.


Anonymous said...

Hey there...

I was so excited to have a look and see two new posts...then realized this one was written due to an unfortunate injury! Poor you...good to have a day off from wrangling hell though!
The "runner" looks glorious, such fab colours and I can imagine how good it will look in the room with the red wall.
Shame about the bleeding nose, hope it wasn't a scary one..I sued to get the most awful ones where I seriously I'd think I may bleed to death so I find them quite frightening...haven't had one now since the minus 20 degree temps in Prague.
No news from here. Ryan has the week off and has been slaving in the garden today and has made great progress. Dad is coming to help put up a shade sail on the deck on Thursday so we will have a fab outdoor space.
Roll on Christmas.
Hope the rest of the week goes well.


Anonymous said...

woops...some weird typos in the last post xx

Anonymous said...

How is the foot? Do hope it is recovering, it makes me cringe thinking about it. All okay here, been busy getting the daff notes written up for the Bulletin. But got a few vege plants in today. Look after your foot, Love Mum. xxxxxxxx