Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the Radar

Gosh we've had a busy weekend. It all started with a fantastic evening out to a fundraising show featuring one of my favourite NZ television personalities, Te Radar. His show (which lasted over 2 hours) was a hilarious tour through some of the unfortunate and remarkable characters long forgotten in New Zealand history. Entitled "Eating the Dog," the show was absolutely brilliant. And even better, I got to meet and chat to Te Radar myself. One of the unfortunate gentlemen selected by Te Radar did, in fact, eat a dog. I, myself may have also been persuaded to eat a dog if I had nothing but fern roots, which caused grievous constipation. I also never knew that an intrepid Australian decided to build a submarine, called the Platypus, to obtain gold in Otago. Unfortunately it was a complete failure, and nearly killed the inventor, plus the seven idiots who were on the test run. If I was to build a submarine, I would ensure there was a way to open the door from the inside.

Te Radar and dog. Just a companion. Not a snack.

After that brilliant start, the weekend has been full of social activities and plenty of gardening. In fact you could sandpaper a piece of furniture with the incredibly rough palms of my hands. We have been sorting the last of dirt mountain into beds three and four of the raised potager beds. I've been the official stone and weed picker outerer. I planted peas, coriander, peppers and tomatoes today. Fingers crossed for clement weather this week while my babies get settled. Johnny did an amazing job digging and wheelbarrowing the dirt around. Plus he put a board along to mark the edge of my big corner woodland garden.

I'm hoping for a good week at school. My foot is mostly better. I stayed off it for two days and that was the best thing to do. Right, I've got school work to do. I wish it was sewing.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are almost famous yourself now you have spoken to cool. I love his TV shows, I like that not everything goes well for him. He is the NZ version of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (or however you spell it) really.

Glad dirt mountain is a thing of the past, what a mission. I planted some potted plants in the weekend and few other should be proud of my semi-green finger!

Have a great week. Will talk in the weekend.