Monday, October 25, 2010

Labour Day Holiday

I thought I had better get cracking and get onto the computer this morning, as I've got so much to do today and I'd hate to miss out on telling you about my visit to see the most gorgeous long legged baby. This is Fraser and his gentle mummy. He is nine days old in these photos, which were taken on Saturday. He is apparently an incredibly curious and brave foal. Most foals won't let you go anywhere near them, so what a privilege to be able to touch him, and to have him come up to snuffle us. He especially liked Johnny, so I called him the horse whisperer.
He is going to be dark like his mother, and probably taller, judging by the very long legs.
His mummy is called Zanny (or possibly Xanny??) and is so relaxed and happy to have a cuddle and scratch.
When we crouched down Fraser couldn't resist a close inspection. His nose is covered in long whiskers, which will disappear as he grows. He has little teeth on the bottom, and is trying to nibble on grass, but hasn't quite worked out how to reach down to it yet.
One day he might be a champion eventer. He will have the right person to train him. His owner rode in the Badminton Horse Trial several years ago.

On the home and garden front, the daffodils are almost finished, and the tulips are fading fast. The bearded iris are appearing. I've really got to go shopping for some new, beautiful ones. I don't mind these ones, but in a small garden you really want to have things you love. I have several big clumps of these thanks to a plastic bag left by the door. They are velvety and rich looking, and look good against the house.
Very exciting rose news. I spotted the first blooms today. Here is Mary Rose. She is always a reliable early girl.
And this is Kathryn Moreley (I think), who came with me from the old house, and is trying extra hard this year, after a dismal showing in 2009.
On a slightly curious note, I have a rampant crop of these toadstools. Sadly not edible mushrooms. They look rather Halloweenish among the flowers.
The pansies are continuing to give spring their full attention.
And the ranunculas are stunning. They are like swirling silk ball dresses.

I'm very stressed as I've got my appraisal at school, and since things can be pretty hideous in my classroom (I've got a big bruise to prove it), who knows how things will go. Oh well, if I get fired I can always garden and sew all day. Yay! Actually the main thing I don't do well is some of the paperwork, as I haven't got the energy after struggling to keep the class on the straight and narrow all day. I wish I could run away and sew myself a ball dress out of silken petals, then dance on the lawn in bare feet.


juniorwashbourn said...

What a clever and articulate young woman you are! I feel such joy when I read your blog - will you come and write mine when you get fired!!???? Did you see Mrs sotreadsoftly in the Sunday mag??? I did! I did!

Anonymous said...

Hi, beautiful photos of Fraser and mare and the flowers. Your ranunculus are a real joy! We have some great rhododendrons out a present, and some of the late flowering cherries, I will have to take some photos. Daffodils are over (except for the last little Sun Disks which you have in your garden) it will be hanging basket time soon, got some lettuce and spring onion plants today, and the spuds are up. Good luck with your assessment, you are a great teacher and they would never give you the sack! Love you, Mum. xxxxxxxxx