Sunday, November 7, 2010

Around the garden

Today I did so much! The weather was lovely and after we had brunch with friends at the Thyme Cafe I changed into my gardening gear and started working in the Vegetable Empire. I was putting the finishing touches on the baby bear patch (small orange pumpkins-hopefully) when I spotted this lovely lady in the maple by Johnny's office window. I was rather distressed when she flew away.
She left this behind.
I tried to sneak around but there was washing to hang out, the tomato patch to level and tools to put away. I kept checking but she was nowhere to be seen. I hope she comes back.

Johnny was very busy laying some lovely carpet rolls of grass where the last of dirt mountain lurked. We are both delighted, and I'm sure Miss Dog will be too, when she has access again. There is a little paddock in the corner. My lovely raised beds are planted and are busy growing things.
My little seed raising house only has basil in it at the moment. Everything else has moved out.
These are some of my gorgeous lettuces. I can highly recommend the mixed lettuce selection in the Kings Seeds catalogue. My current favourite is a wonderful speckled lettuce.
I've got my eye on this artichoke too. I've never eaten a fresh one. It feels like I will be murdering it rather than harvesting it.
My beautiful roses are coming out like old, very good friends, returning after a long holiday.

Apart from the glorious gardening, I have sewed and sewed a Christmas present. Can't show you right now, for obvious reasons. I've also revisited another lot of old friends, the Cullens, in the four Twilight books over the past week. I couldn't help myself. I'm already looking forward to reading them again. I need to discover another fabulous series of books to collect and read over and over. I'm not sorry to say, they are usually children's books - not for wee children. I've loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons books, the Harry Potter books, and others.

Well, off to bed now, I think. Another long day ahead tomorrow. I'd better give my growly voice a good rest before it has another workout tomorrow.

Ps. I'm playing Poulenc's Serenade for cello and piano, and Faure's Pavane currently. Take a look on You Tube - you won't find me (ever) but the pieces are so lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...the garden looks amazing!!You are both so puts our efforts to shame!

Glad you had a good weekend. Lovely to speak to you yesterday even though it was brief. On the countdown to Christmas, can't wait to see you both then we think a road trip to see the vege mecca in Prebblevegas might be on the cards in late Jan or Feb!!

Love to you both,
Meg xxxx