Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Day

Today the day started with Monty sitting on me yowling quietly. He was hungry. We persuaded him to sleep in for a little longer, and then the phone rang. The Crafty Neighbour was up and almost ready to go marketing and wanted me to go too. I scrambled to get ready in half the usual time (not easy when I don't believe in leaving the house without putting together a suitable ensemble from accessories to warpaint- to disguise the rather pallid canvas underneath). We zipped off for a prowl around the Riccarton Farmer's Market, which was excellent! It wasn't very big or busy today, due to the earthquake, but there was lots of lovely produce. The baking was especially good. I bought a delicious cheesy spicy bready/pastry stick for lunch, and two "beestings" (or "bumblebees") which are sweet bread flat buns filled with custard. They had a crumble topping and icing sugar dusting. Delicious. The Crafty Neighbour purchased fruit and veges plus some baking and a fancy pie with mussels and white wine to appease the child minding husband.

After our marketing activities we decided that a visit to Cottonfields was in order, but as it wasn't open until 10am we had morning tea then visited the wonderful bookshop at Avonhead Mall. I could have spent thousands, but managed to stop with three fabulous books (birthday money).
Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making - irresistible as I love her writing, her love of flowers and the glorious fabrics she uses. Especially the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Her designs are simple and practical, and she has a refreshingly liberated approach to working. Her blog is Yarnstorm.
I've wanted this book ever since I saw his TV series. Lots of great ideas for herbs and other plants to grow and how to make concoctions with them. Great for the modern witch.
And look at this find. This is by the the lady who wrote the embroidery books that I base my stitching on. Pansies- heaven!! To add to the glory of this book there is a section on crocheted pansies. I find crocheting a big challenge, but imagine delicious posies of pansies on my lapel.
Johnny has made a purchase too. This t-shirt came from the Mr Vintage website and is a charity t-shirt for earthquake victims. He has had it for days- these business people work fast when there's a dollar to be made. For non-NZ readers, this shows the iconic cathedral in the middle of Christchurch as a seismic pattern. Johnny does not look this wide, by the way.
There is lots of bad news around the city, but I'm focusing on the arrival of spring. The first blossoms are appearing on the trees in our neighbourhood. Soon the street will be lined with them.
Here is my very special man. I'm making the most of every moment with him. His health is a cloud on my horizon that is worrying me greatly. He loves a cosy sunny spot.

Today I filled most of the second of my four big raised beds ready for planting. Our old neighbours popped in for a visit. We thought we had a whole packet of gingernuts to offer, but they must have run for their lives during the earthquake. Gingernuts are a sensible biscuit to have on hand because I only eat them with a cup of tea as I find them too hard otherwise. Apparently our old house lost it's chimney in the quake. I bet it has a lot of plaster cracks too. I don't think I have felt any aftershocks so far today! Hopefully the earth is settling.

Tomorrow I should have the new tv/book shelf that Johnny made today for you to see. I've got to decide what colour to paint it. Hmm, decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day...the market sounds great and I love the look of your new books.
Give Monty a cuddle from me. Mrs D sends 4 legged kisses for him.
It is pouring here.

Love to you all,
Meg xx