Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday socialising

Today was another day for being sociable. We went to D and A's house, then went with them to the big Riccarton Rotary Market. I started my Christmas shopping (wow) and got some herbs for my garden. I got a lovely pink flowered rosemary, catnip, a remarkable red and green veined sorrel, some chives and a beautiful rosy plum coloured bergamot. Plus D gave me five different violets, a veronica, a plum coloured heuchera, a bright orange geum, a clump of feverfew, a fuzzy grey plant I can't name right now and two gorgeous pink flowered strawberry plants (ornamental according to D). I've had lots of lovely bits from D's garden. She loves everything to stay in its own place, so does regular chop-backs. D and A have some wonderful shrubs and trees in their relatively small suburban garden. These were two of the highlights.
This magnolia is huge - a stunning big tree.
D couldn't tell me what this beautiful rhododendron is called. Any ideas? The colour is so intense and gorgeous. The photo doesn't do justice to the silky surfaces of the petals.
After we had lunch with D and A we returned home. Johnny helped The Crafty Neighbour make her first batch of mozzarella cheese. I planted my treasures and weeded the herb patch. Then we helped Johnny bring his latest masterpiece into the lounge. I wanted somewhere to put books, and to set up pretty displays on, plus we needed to relatively unobtrusively store the electronic stuff. Now that we know it looks fine we have to paint it. I had a rather unconventional idea that I wanted it to be emerald green, however judging by The Crafty Neighbour's reaction (brutally honest), I'm not sure that is such a good idea. The test pot is an alarming shade of true emerald. It would certainly be different. Jane Brocket- I hold you responsible for giving me many ideas for brilliant colour combinations that your average New Zealander would find terrifying. Kaffe Fassett- you should also take some of the blame too. I feel rather sad that it will probably end up a very neutral tone, partly because Johnny might make a matching bookcase, and two pieces of emerald furniture would be way too much.

School tomorrow. It is raining heavily, which we love to hear pelting on our wonderful iron roof.

Bye for now.
PS. Don't I have a clever husband!!!!


Anonymous said...

The new cabinet looks fabulous...John is very clever...Henry will love taking things out of it when we come to visit next!! Ryan put the glass door back on our one today to save the life of the DVD player and Sky box...he keeps bumping his wee head on the glass as he tries to claw his way into it!!
Sounds like you had a lovely day.
Good luck back at school for you both tomorrow.


ps. It is raining here too...I love being in bed when it is raining xx

Gigibird said...

Fiona - can you email me your email address
Your husband is a very clever boy....I wish you didin't live so far away or I'd ask him to make me a nice little cat house for my stray cat.