Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wee note

It has been a relatively quiet day today. I have to go back into school tomorrow as we have all been summoned by the principal. I want to retire even more than ever as I want to spend every day at home gardening, cooking and crafting. Especially gardening.

It has been settling down on the aftershock front. We hardly twitch at an earthquake now, after experiencing literally hundreds since Saturday morning.

I've been working on building my new garden (Merlin's Garden) over in the corner by the cherry tree. It is going to be a decent size, cutting across the corner of the yard, and will be planted with fragrant and interesting shrubs and pretty, special shade loving goodies. The soil is beautiful, damp and rich, with masses of plump earthworms. Merlin contributed plenty of fertiliser to the soil, and is buried under the cherry tree, so it will be his garden. Johnny is going to help me to level the ground that is not garden to make lawn. It is the remains of Dirt Mountain. I can't wait to have it all landscaped so that I can focus on making it pretty.

I made yummy lasagne for tea today. Don't tell Johnny - it had leek in it as I couldn't find any onions around here. It also had rainbow chard, cavolo nero, parsley, garlic, onion tops (from last year's interesting leftover red onions), oregano and thyme in it. Healthy. I called it earthquake lasagne because the sauce was a jar that had a popped top button in the earthquake, and Jamie Oliver's egg pasta sheets that had some earthquake damage too.

Must go to bed. Hope my car goes in the morning after having a big shake up. XXX

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