Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cleaning House

Just pottering around cleaning and sorting. Johnny is furious because the Ministry of Education can't seem to get their act together over school closures as they keep changing their minds. I can't see why any school would want to be open when they didn't have to be, especially when Civil Defense have just announced another seven days of the State of Emergency for the area. I want to get some paperwork done, but have plenty of other good stuff to do, like wiping windowsills and dusting. I'd much rather be (hopefully) safely at home currently, than at work 30 mins drive away from home.

Decisions arising from the earthquake:
-We no longer want any tall bookcases around here, even though they can be screwed to the wall.
-No jars or bottles are to be stored high on the pantry shelves.
-Bottles of clean water are essential in an emergency- we'll keep some on hand at all times.
-Miss Dog is going to have to wear her bark collar again once the aftershocks are over (she is currently my warning dog).
-I'm not storing any pretty china on high shelves unless it is well stuck down.
-Always wear shoes in the kitchen after an earthquake (I got another glass shard in my foot this morning).
-Tiny holes in fingers can be hiding remarkably long shards of glass that will only emerge days later so don't underestimate them.
- Command Adhesive Hooks for pictures etc on walls can survive a 7.1 quake, so I can recommend them. Pictures leaning on the wall on shelves become airborne in a 7.1 quake.
-I'm going to have to display my pretty china and enjoy it as much as possible because the joy of having it may be fleeting.

I'm on the lookout for a vintage white glass hen egg holder (the kind that looks like a chooky on her nest and is in two parts) to replace Grandma's one that broke.

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