Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not the big one

I thought I would do updates as I go today. This morning has been rather interesting because there was a larger aftershock just before 8am. The geologists keep scaring us with talk of aftershocks up to 6.1 on the Richter Scale. It was only (to a seasoned earthquake rider like myself) 5.1 but it seems to have caused a lot of drama in the city because it was in a different place (near Diamond Harbour). It was longer, about 15 seconds. Here it was quite rolly and swirly, but city dwellers are reporting jerking. Plus the power has gone out again and there is more damage to parts of the city. The other aftershocks have been located much closer to us so they have felt stronger here.

It is raining here. I wanted to spend my day in the garden. Johnny is hoping to get a bit of sleep during the day today as he hasn't been sleeping well. He has popped into work briefly but will be home soon.

My thoughts go out to Chris of the Federation Coffee House- his lovely new business destroyed. He makes the best hot chocolates. XXX

Ooops- there goes another one! Gigibird - now would be a good time for me to hibernate until the end of earthquake season.

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