Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sick Sunday

I'm sick and the sky is crying. In fact it has wept all day. I hoped to take photos of my garden as there is more colour and a lot more poo (more on that shortly), but the camera is not the type Jacques Cousteou (sp?) would use to study the ocean. I remember being fascinated by his programmes when I was little. He had such a wonderful hooked nose and thick French accent. I wonder if he lay around feeling sorry for himself when he got sick. I've had this particular cold for a week and I feel like round two is starting, along with a hacking dry cough that is making Johnny call me a seal. I think I should have taken a day off last week to fight it, but I kept plugging on. The course on Friday was very inspiring. Sensory Stories is a learning approach which presents stories and information in sensory ways. The padding is taken out of the content and just the key ideas are covered using drama, props, fun and creativity. This allows people with special needs who have difficulty accessing regular books to enjoy learning. The presenters were a pair of delightful, funny, warm ladies who call themselves The Dipsy Kings (Julie King and Hilz King). I got a big hug from both of them at the end of the day. Loved it!

Yesterday was one of those really amazing days that comes along every now and again. I got to visit the Butcher's estate where world class equestrian, Emily Butcher is based. She and her mum have quite a collection of eventing horses, both top level, and in training. We were there to collect a trailer load of poo for my new raised beds, but I got the grand tour, met Shadow, the foxy dog who helped an autistic girl speak, and helped to feed out. I got to meet and pat heaps of horses- even super special international horses. The smell of horses and horse leather is thrilling. I can't wait to go out again. I was ridiculously excited about the horse muzzles - I think horse's noses are one of the most beautiful things in the whole world. I tried hard to act like a normal, sane human so no one would realise I've never really grown up. You can't beat Emily's mum's marshmallow slice either- she bakes like my wonderful mummy. After all that excitement I was so pooped I had to stay at home when Johnny went out to watch the rugby. Monty and I curled up on the couch and accidentally started watching "The Notebook." When John got home I was bawling and my hanky was soaked. If you haven't read the book you are in for a treat. Go and find it. Now. I knew the movie would make me cry, and cry, and cry. Today I've still got a puffy face. Never mind. I stayed in bed as late as possible and didn't get showered until after 11.00am. I haven't been outside today. My new horse poo will be nice and moist after an entire day of steady rain. When the crafty neighbour and family came over they had to wear full rain gear.

I hope I can drum up some energy to do something wonderful this week. In case I can't, I challenge all of my loyal readers to do something wonderful, interesting or just different this week. XXX

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Anonymous said...

The trip to the Butchers place sounds wonderful, I am glad you enjoyed it. Lovely horsey smells and all. Have read The Notebook (LOVED it) and watched the film which was great too. Watched about half of it last night and it was good to see it again but it didn't make me cry. Hope you are feeling better soon. Chris and Marg called in this afternoon. Chris seemed happy. I hope she gets to see baby Eden when she is at the bay. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx