Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh to be basking!

This is my idea of heaven. Snuggled up between Mr Cat and Miss Dog with a crackling fire and rain on the roof. I ended up taking the day off school yesterday because I was basically exhausted after fighting a cold for a week without taking a break- let that be a lesson to you all! Poor Mr Cat needed his bowels flushed out again under general anaesthetic (thank goodness, he says). I was worried because he hadn't resumed normal activities in the lavatory department, and the vet was very concerned too. I am pleased to say the log count is steadily increasing, so all of the medicine I'm syringing in the top end seems to be working.

I was extremely pleased with Miss Dog when we visited the vet clinic. She has lost about 8kg and is looking like a Labrador supermodel. Her elbows are so much better, although she does have sore hips at full extension. She had another shot of Pentosan, which has made a huge difference. Her behaviour is so much more publicly acceptable too, and she looked like a quiet, orderly dog at the vet clinic. It was fun to take her for a walk today (please see Prebbleton Diaries for details of a major village doggy injustice).

I was a bit anxious going to school today as I had teacher's doubt- that awful feeling that you won't be able to teach any more. The class was ridiculously unruly after 2 days without me, plus a weekend. It didn't take me long to get them back into (sort of) shape. We visited an aquarium shop today. They had some gorgeous, interesting fish. The lady behind the counter was mean and scary, but we managed to enjoy our look around. I'd love a fishpond. I would have one if it wasn't for the large, hairy black crocodile that lives in the backyard- Miss Dog would love her own fishy swimming pool. The tropical fish are so pretty and the tanks look gorgeous all done up. I've never even imagined having tropical fish. We had two goldfish a long time ago, but they were not exactly joyous creatures and it was disgusting cleaning their tank out. Hmm, I think I'll just admire the pretty fish in the shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Glad you took a day off, sounds like you needed to! Your basking looks so relaxing! I do the same with Stellar and Henry but it never turns out as peaceful!
Poppy looks TINY!! She will shame Stellar at Christmas time!
Glad the outing with the kids went well.
Will get your Birthday parcel in the post tomorrow...I hope it makes it in time!!