Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Midweek update

I loathe being sick and I've got the cold Johnny had last week. It is one of those annoying drippy, clogged up nose colds, so not as bad as it could be. Still, my temper is a bit short, and I have had to resist the urge to have a good cry. Particularly yesterday when things were very hairy at school and I felt exhausted with it all. Today I managed to give one of my staff a telling off without feeling a bit guilty about it. Plus our wonderful psychologist told me I am one of the best teachers she has ever worked with. Now that was amazing because she is a hugely experienced and respected psychologist who has helped me with many things, both school and personal. Apart from one of my students wanting to use a glue stick as a lipstick all day and someone refusing to get out of the pool (infuriating), the day was very successful.

It was terribly sad about the NZ soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. He was there to help people, not to make war. It was good to hear that he loved being a soldier, but what a shame. I hope the other soldiers will recover fully. John Key looked tired and stressed on the news tonight. It is such a responsibility making decisions about sending people into such dangerous situations.

I hope the parcels have arrived by now. Only two days to go this week. I've got a course on Friday. Something about sensory stories(????).


Anonymous said...

What a shame you have a cold so soon after being sick in the holidays. That is a bummer. I think the drumstick daffy heads are Heamoor, it is very early and I think I probably gave you some. It is tall, yellow and cheerful. Your vege plots look great! I bet you are looking forward to filling them up. Megan LOVED the quilt. I wish it had arrived when we were there the other day. Wee George had a bowel biopsy today in Christchurch they are looking at Hirschsprung's disease which doesn't sound very good - a bit like Monty's problem. Nanny did not have good news about her toe - the only way it will heal is a leg amputation below the knee. That is because she has bad circulation and the toe coming off wouldn't heal either. Joe and Marg are all for it but who will look after her? She wouldn't be able to use crutches and would need help with everything even going to the toilet. I just don't think I could do it. Look after yourself, Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe...
Shame about the cold...check your email plus comments yesterday (on your Sunday post) regarding the arrival of the quilt and my utter joy at receiving such a marvelous will become a family heirloom. Ryan loved his box of culinary delights as well!!
Love you,
Meg xxxx