Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday. I've had a wonderful day, most especially because my best present was the arrival of Dad to stay for the weekend. Of course we had a fun time at school making the most of the opportunity to celebrate. It was the first time I've ever handed out party food while missiles were flying around me. I think the problem was that the missile thrower was jealous that it wasn't his birthday. Anyway, he soon realised that throwing stuff was preventing him accessing the cheerio sausages and tomato sauce that he coveted, so he helped to clean up the mess he had made and proceeded to enjoy the party. No more said about the tantrum, and he enjoyed dipping chocolate birthday cake into Heinz Ketchup. Despite the dramas, I'm very fond of all of my students, so it was lovely to have them all enjoying my wee party.

I got an impressive collection of chocolate today. I was thrilled that someone was kind enough to bring me some dairy milk peppermint chocolate from Australia. Why don't Cadbury sell that here??? We've got mint bubbly chocolate, but it doesn't interest me at all.

Hopefully I've got some exciting stuff to report tomorrow. Plus some photos of my lovely presents. Johnny got me two plant supports (one very stylish and the other very practical), plus my laptop. I absolutely love the book Mum and Dad gave me - Fay Bolt's The Bird Garden. I'll show you tomorrow. It is gorgeous, and especially precious because Mrs Bolt was my high school music teacher. I must write to her to tell her how much I like her lovely book, and to tell her I'm still making music. I'm sure she'd be pleased.

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Gigibird said...

A very Happy Birthday to you.