Sunday, July 11, 2010

A tiny bit of crafting

I love Sundays. Sleep ins, visits from friends, gardening, cooking, crafting. Even better when we still have another week of holidays. Unfortunately I am still unwell. Johnny says at least I've got another week to get better before school goes back. Sadly not too many adventures happening with a throbbing head. Enough about that.

Here is my flock of birdies with Mrs Chook. She is the nearest thing I am getting to the real thing as I'd have to get a divorce before I would be allowed fowl in the backyard. My five little birds are very pleased with their pretty wings. I just have to venture out to look for some appropriate sticks to create the top of the mobile out of.
Here is the finished daffodil heart. Sorry, not a good photo. My wee camera is a bit tricky with the flash. In fact pale things completely disappear in the blaze of dazzling light thrown out when the flash goes off. The big camera is not as easy to grab quickly for a bloggy session.
It sits nicely in the palm of my hand and will probably be hanging on a door handle before too long. I love making these little hearts. The embroidery takes an extraordinary length of time to do as the stitches are so fine so they would not be financially viable to make to sell. Fun to give as presents though. Plus I get to swish my fingers through my button collection. Oh how I love vintage buttons. I vaguely considered how I could sort them into categories today, but that would take the thrill of the hunt away. I put a tiny button at the top of the heart. Finding one small enough and matching is the challenge.
Today I had some help when sewing. Monty is deaf and virtually blind but he can always find me. It isn't particularly easy to manipulate the fabric and foot control plus avoid offending the cat while he curls up on my knee. Take a look at that grotty desk I sew on. It has a lot of potential but has some rather rude graffiti scratched on the top by generations of youngsters. It was rescued from a rubbish heap at a church, believe it or not. Who would have thought Sunday School goers would be inclined to immortalise foul language (and pictures!!!!) in the surface of a lovely old desk. I should feel ashamed because I've had it for years and haven't got around to giving it a lick of paint. This spring, I promise.

I hope to be in tip top condition tomorrow!


Gigibird said...

Thanks for your stray cat comments....buttons....I've colour coded mine which is great fun to organise as I love buttons too.

Anonymous said...

The wee daffodil heart looks gorgeous. You are so clever. I still think they would make love;y brooches!!
It is Ryan's birthday today...his mum is coming for a visit for a few days.
Love to you all,
Meg, Henry and Stellarxxx