Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week is quite enough!

Look what arrived in the mail today. Time to order some goodies for spring sowing. I'd be feeling a whole lot more optimistic if this cursed cold would vamoose. I think since it arrived a week ago it is now entering "overstaying it's welcome" territory. Especially since my throat is grimmer than ever. I tackled it with some Betadine throat gargle not long ago. On the bottle it says "do not swallow" and I am hoping the germy jims can't read. They got a good bath in it anyway.

Back to the gardening front. I managed a bit of weed eviction from the herb garden, planted some garlic (still more to go-I might pop it in among the roses) and also planted the bulbs I showed you a couple of days ago. The sun has been shining today. Our back yard is mostly shady for much of the day at this time of year, although the verandah and paved area are sunny. Vege gardening is restricted to very hardy things. But in the summer the back yard is my little piece of paradise, with sun streaming in all day. It was lovely to get outside for a bit of time today, despite the dreaded lurgy.

We are going out for tea tonight up the hill. Ruby has advised me to rug up warm. She has grabbed a panel of vintage fabric and a scarf I crocheted that I love but my skin doesn't. Ruby has no such concerns. She is wondering which of my necklaces she can borrow to enhance her look.

Since we are heading out I have got the bird wings ready for hand stitching as a little portable project. Tomorrow Miss Dog and I have to see if we can find the perfect pair of branches to paint white as the top of the mobile. Yes, I have decided to make a mobile. Since I don't have any suitable sticks and my paintbrushes and knitting needles are out of bounds I will hunt and gather.
Here is a wee WIP that needs my attention next.
It will be a little daffodil lavender heart. I made it using the new technique I discovered for making the cups a little more 3D. I'll show you once it is finished.

Now where have I put my "Happy Hooker" crochet book? I have seen some very exciting ideas out there in blogland and am keen to put my own twist on them. Sadly crocheting and knitting are not natural talents of mine, but you never get anywhere by dreaming rather than doing (although I do support a good sprinkling of dreaming for inspiration). I've realised that as lovely as it is to have piles of craft books, it is even lovelier to head out clutching or wearing something that you have created. I'm very inspired by the wonderful craftspeople out there creating every day.

And to finish- a tip from my very talented aunt who gave me a junior masterclass in sewing last year - ironing is just as important as the sewing for a successful result. So there. Works for me.

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