Monday, July 12, 2010

Serious crafting

Now that my workroom is looking so good I decided to spend lots of time in there today and see if I could get some WIPs on the way to completion. I started these two quilts over two years ago (although it seems like yesterday). I had pieced the central panels of squares, but was putting off the borders because the lady at the quilt shop got the fabric organised and wrote instructions for me, and I had no idea how to follow them. So I panicked and added them to my collections of projects to complete. Today I decided that no matter what I did, it couldn't be worse than having the panels folded in the cupboard. I figured out my own way of measuring and cutting the fabric and got to work with my rotary cutter, iron and sewing machine.

This one is a big brighter in real life. I'll take a better photo when it is complete. I had a single fabric for the outer border but it didn't look right, so I pieced together a whole lot of matching fabric snippets and I think it looks fabulous. It is about the size of a cot quilt and will go on the back of the couch in the living room.
I guess you can peek, Meg. This one is a birthday present (I hope). It is a little bigger than the other one. It is so pretty with the green and pink border. The green has a fine white spot. I am thrilled with it (even all scrumpled).

Today Johnny persuaded me to venture out briefly to choose some pinboard from Mitre 10 so that I can make an inspiration board for my workroom. I am feeling a bit better today. We have been invited out for lunch tomorrow to our old neighbour's house, so will get Johnny to escort me to Fabric Vision to get some batting and backing for the quilts.

A big Happy Birthday to my lovely brother-in-law Ryan! You are an amazing, talented, creative, generally awesome friend and brother. We are so looking forward to Singapore. Yay!!!

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