Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Legolas rides again!

Archery. Oh yes I wanted to be Maid Marion, Arwen or possibly Legolas himself. And I was. I got three bulls eyes. It was my first proper go and after a few instructions I got right into it. Look at that business-like hairdo and the arm guard. I'm not sure how to aim properly because the little man told me to keep both eyes open, but when I did that I could either see two targets or two arrows. Hmm. Still, I got better with practise.
Here is my partner in sport.
And take a look at my target. For a start I didn't get any on the target paper. It is quite hard on your fingers and I thought my shoulder would protest, but after a few shots it was fine. I can't wait to have another go. It is a shame that it isn't the kind of sport you can just practise in your backyard because you could kill someone with a stray arrow. There are enough dead people over the back fence already!
In the afternoon Miss Dog and I popped out for a romp around the nature reserve. It was a bit dim and dreary, but the flax silhouettes were quite striking.
Miss Dog was pleased when I started poking around in the bushes hunting for fungi. These basket fungi are rather alien looking. I wanted to find a perfect one, but it is a bit late in the season.
Of course Miss Dog would have to find the only water hole in the entire park. It isn't usually there but the weather has been really wet lately. The smell of rotting vegetation filled the air after she had stirred up the mucky water. I told her in no uncertain terms that her father would not be impressed.
These lovely plant labels have appeared all over the place since our last visit.
Tomorrow we have plans (pretend) to join the Airforce and visit the Airforce Museum. Last time we went there was with John's Dad, who has since passed away. He was in the Airforce and loved anything to do with planes. I saw the Concord with him, and the huge Antarctic planes like the Starlifter.

Monty says his poor leggy is still hurting but he seems to be OK. Relaxing by the fire has made him happy today. He says he would prefer not to visit the nasty vet unless he absolutely has to.

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Anonymous said... really are having an adventure holiday!! That is brilliant.
No news from here really. Ryan was away for a night but back now. Henry has another cold but is very jolly today.
The weather has been marvelous...cold nights, clear crisp days...lovely.