Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter White

A month early, but my birthday present is sitting here on my lap. My beautiful new laptop in frosty winter white, so different from my work one. Now that we have wireless internet access I can prowl the internet at will. I have been visiting a few treasured blogs and am writing the first wee update on my one. The keys feel like cream as I type. I even have a Cath Kidston trim on the top of the Google Chrome toolbar. This laptop is quite petite and doesn't have a disc drive, but is more powerful and functional than a notebook (the computer kind). It is a Toshiba one, which is encouraging because my school one survived a serious assault from a wayward student a couple of weeks ago, so it should be tough.

Poor wee Monty has a very sore leg. He is limping in a piteous manner. The pain seems to be in his shoulder and came on suddenly, so he has possibly pulled a muscle. We have a direct line to the local vet, so he will be bundled off down there if there is no improvement tomorrow. I'll give him a touch of cat painkiller to help him sleep well tonight. Important because he sleeps in the big bed with us, and I don't want to be disturbed. I've got a cold. Grrrr!

So what else have I been doing? The school holidays started on Saturday. I realised that I had a cold on Friday night, and was determined not to let it ruin my long awaited "Adventure Holiday." Now your idea of an adventure holiday may be different from mine. I decided I wanted to do some different things from usual and make the most of every day. I have not included bungy jumping, parachuting, mountain climbing and learning to fly a helicopter on my list of things to do. However visiting the art gallery, shopping for my laptop, going on some day trips and exploring my creativity are high on the list. I also decided that I would like to go ice skating, go to an archery range, and possibly skiing. We shall see how things go.

On Saturday we went to the Arts Centre for a look around. I love the felted items, especially the pretty felted Agnes Foss goodies. I have one of her pansy brooches. She is now making rose ones. She also makes divine purses and hats. We wandered down the road to the Art Gallery, which was interesting, as always. There was an extraordinary display of sculptural works. I wonder how an artist can fund big, complex, high tech works and where he/she stores them. We also saw some disturbing photos. Sorry I've lost the artist's names somewhere in the grey matter.

On Sunday we travelled south to Geraldine to visit our neighbours at their sweet little holiday home. Geraldine is a gorgeous town with some lovely shops and scenery. We wandered around. I laughed hysterically on the playground when Mr B spun me around on the spinny angled table - a sort of modern merry-go-round. We went for a big trek in the forest, which was fascinating. I now know what possum nibbles on trees look like, and know more about their habits and lifestyle. I also saw some very interesting fungi. I also now know that doggy poo gets so furry in the bush that it looks like a little grey animal.

On Monday I had a professional development day at school. Sigh. Oh well, I learnt a bit and had some good laughs and a seriously good lunch.

Today I got my new computer. SO EXCITING!!!! So I will say au revoir and goodnight. I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring.


Anonymous said...

Yay...the blog is back...that is brilliant.
I am jealous of your wee laptop, it sounds fab.
Happy Adventuring!! Wish we were these with you.
Henry sends special cuddles and raspberries.
Love you,

Sally Anne said...

Ooh, the laptop sounds great ...hope the cold disappears, and Monty feels better soon.