Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sickly critter

Well, I didn't join the Airforce today. We made it to the Thyme Cafe, had brunch (eggs royale- like eggs benedict but with smoked salmon- mmmmm) and that was enough for me. Back to bed for several hours of fetal position, feeling sorry for myself, wishing the Codrals would work, general sick lurking. Now I'm up though, and sustained by a feed of these from my own garden.
The rather small yellowish looking vegetable to the left is my version of Romanesco broccoli. Those extraordinary specimens available in the supermarket are on steroids. I am very proud of the sprouting broccoli and hope it will sprout again now that I've taken the top out of it. Our course the rainbow chard is spectacular, but you can't go wrong with that!
Time to get inspired. Take a look at these beauties:
The Country Living is the New Zealand version of this month's edition. I could pay twice as much for the air freighted version, but it is out of season anyway, so why worry? I think it is a particularly divine magazine this month, and I should know, having what seems like hundreds of back issues lurking all around the house. I am eyeing up lots of the projects in the Cath Kidston book. I made the "free bag" provided with the book a while ago. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston fabrics. They are scarce here. The Jan Constantine book has lots of gorgeous things too. I love craft books. You wouldn't believe how many unfinished projects I have around here!

I got these goodies in the end of season sale at that bargain (crap) hunter's paradise "The Warehouse." I did the same last year and the bulbs came up beautifully, so grabbed a few more to pop in. I have literally thousands of bulbs in my new garden already. Sad to say it all looks a bit miserable at the moment, but before I know it they will be up and flowering merrily.
Just to remind me that Spring is around the corner I brought this primula in. I should have groomed it before the photo, but remember I am poorly.
Monty and Miss Dog certainly know what to do on a dreary day. Monty is as close to the hearth as he can get and Miss Dog is basking on her blanket, sneaking as much of her body onto the fireside mat as she can manage without attracting her father's wrath. Monty and Miss Dog are very good friends, thank goodness. Miss Dog can be jealous at times, and has to be given a curry up for getting a bit too lively around Monty occasionally. She likes to put her snout onto Monty when he is snuggled on my knee sometimes, especially when she is hungry. She knows it will get a reaction.
Yes, Miss Dog really is that shiny. They are on the awesome rag rug that my wonderful sister made for me. By the way Meg, if you have time you could paint me a quirky Monty picture like little H. has in his room for my birthday. Miss Dog could feature too. I really must look for some more things to go on our walls. They are as bare as a hotel room.

Blogging on the couch makes me very happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi - lovely to read your blog again, you write so well! Hope the cold lurgy has retreated today and you are able to continue with your adventures. The sun is shining here although there is a cold wind down the valley. A trip to town with Nanny is on the menu for today. Love to you and the fur creatures.
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Colds are crap...hope you feel better soon!!
Hmmm...haven't done any painting for a while...since well before Henry was born...wonder if I could fit some in. I will promises!!
Love reading your blog again.

Meg xxxxxxxxxx