Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm not too pleased with myself because I forgot to take any photos today. We went out for brunch to the Thyme Cafe, then did some shopping. John wanted to buy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book after we watched the DVD last night. It was a gripping movie, and I'm sure the book will be even better. He bought that, plus the next book The Girl who Played with Fire, so that was good. When we got home and got a bit of housework done, we headed outside to line the new raised beds because they are made of treated timber. Then I got rather engrossed in a bit of gardening- sorting out the bed along the back fence. I got a $5 plant of Sally Holmes which was good value. I had her in my old garden and she was a wonderfully prolific rose, flowering first and finishing late. I bunged her in with a tiny delphinium I grew from seed, plus the two fat pink oriental lily bulbs I got cheap. Plus I threw in a couple of clumps of dahlias that have been lurking down the back for ages. Then our friend B came to visit. Then the crafty neighbour with the twins popped in for a while too. By then it was tea time and dark. Too late to take photos outside. Bother. I'm watching The Lovely Bones. The girl is still alive, but it won't be long before... Oh dear. But discussions of evil people don't belong here, so no more of that.
Have a lovely week, my lovelies. Have some chocolate for me as I'm trying to avoid it. Hopeless I'd say.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...
You sounds like you had a good weekend.
I have those two books waiting to be read, Ryan's mum brought them down for me.
Watched a movie I think you guys would LOVE last night..."Last House on the Left"...lots of fabulous gory was great!!
Off to work tomorrow...wish me luck.